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Character (0 cards)

    • ·Goro· x1 S

Foundation (40 cards)

    • Betrayer of Twelve x2 S
    • Energy Absorption x4 S
    • Toughest Punk in Junior High x4 S
    • Hell's Reach x4 S
    • Guardian of the Spirit Sword x1 S
    • The Dark Side of Karma x1 S
    • Cast Away and Forgotten x1 S
    • Sense of Morals x4 S
    • Commander of Outworld's Armies x4 S
    • Goro's Victory Pose x1 S
    • Shokan Prince x4 S
    • Police Connections x1 S
    • Refusing to Let Go x1 S
    • For Chivalry and Honor x4 S
    • Arranging a Deal x2 S
    • Pursuing a Vendetta x2 S

Attack (15 cards - speed : 3.67 - dmg 4.67)

    • Flight of the Wicked x1 S
    • Pilgrimage of Anthropos x2 S
    • Angel Discus x2 S
    • Swallow Your Soul x2 S
    • Dark Chireitou x1 S
    • Nut Kracker x3 S
    • Meifa's Assault x2 S
    • Big Cyclone x1 S
    • Wood Man's Leaf Shield x1 S

Asset (5 cards)

    • Kulutues x1 S
    • Judgment Day x2 S
    • Omega Sword and Elk Shield x2 S

Action (5 cards)

    • The Dark Tournament Looms x3 S
    • STOP! x1 S
    • Libra of Souls x1 S

Side (8 cards)

    • Spine Sweep x1 S
    • Hellgate Executioner x1 S
    • Fatality x2 S
    • Kafziel x1 S
    • Omega Sword and Owl Shield x1 S
    • Cool and Focused x1 S
    • Dark Chireitou x1 S

here is my premier store wining deck upgraded to have Libra of soul cards in it alone with some tweaks for trial

so soul cal 6 LOS is soon to drop and i decided to see what changes on paper i would make to my earth goro deck
overall i just remade the deck but the structure if fairly the same
so im going to do updates on my thought process in why cards are in the deck and will do updates once i get some proxy games in

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2019-11-11 00:39:25

so going to start with the actions since its super easy to explain what there role in the deck is
3 the dark tournament looms ; goro is a selective 4 hand size this card allows you to grab attacks that are in the momentum and also draws you a card meaning you get the benefit of reusing throws and adding cards to hand meaning your not completly open on the opponents turn

1 STOP! ; going to be completely honest i have run multiple iterations of goro with 2 copies 3 copies and never really felt i needed to commit an opponents character constantly to survive at one copy i have seen it turn off an opponents turn then to punish them in my following turn

1 libra of souls ; this card is a very risky but fun opening play if you like to live life on the edge
basically turn 1 play the form check anything but an attack you now have 2 foundations meaning it opens up loads of plays like play a 4 diff attack even on the worst check being a 2 you can now pass
secondly you may check an asset when playing the form meaning you can grab that asset and potentially get it played
this legit could cost you games if you check bad in turn 1 and leaves you a turn behind ( i personally dont scoop i play them all out good or bad but i wouldnt judge someone that did)

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2019-12-06 01:46:46

time for some assets
1 kulutues ; so this cards once per turn lets you flip an opponents foundation or asset if your attack deals damage ultimately it helps you control the pace of the game by flipping those troublesome foundations or assets your opponent has in play to stop you
and secondly that deadlock e is amazing from my experiences there is 2 main kind of players
there is the ones that will never go to deadlock out of fear that any deadlock ability will end them instantly
and the other player doesn't fear deadlock and may play into deadlock
both of these player provide a different challenge
the player that never goes to deadlock means you only have to flip 10 foundations till they only have blank foundations this allows you the best kind of control in the game and flipping 10 foundations isn't too hard to do in this deck
then the player that may build to deadlock means yes you can still flip their field but may take longer but the deadlock e of kulutues means your throws and weapon cards get plus 6 damage combined with goro is plus 10 damage on a throw attack which means chipping away at their life now becomes a easy win strategy
(currently testing at 1 copy after testing it may change in number in light of how fast i need to see it currently i dont see it changing the game drastically its kind of a win more card)

2 judgement day ; champ batch 5 assets have been amazing this card is in joint 1st place with united kingdom of smash
in this deck it was a replacement for surveyor but as iterations of the deck have progressed it became a better card
playing it allows you to response from card pool and as long as its not a mirror match you will get a momentum back to hand
then the enhance cost adds it back to hand then you flip one of your opponents foundations and gain one vitality
in the last version of the deck i settled on 2 copies in the deck as it is was very useful but with dark tournament looms in the deck it may only be needed at 1 copy but time will tell on this one

2 omega sword and elk shield ; so this card has multiple functions in the deck starting with the enhance you flip a foundation and then both players commit a face up foundation now a couple of things ive found this card to be mostly used defensively to reduce the resources my opponent has to go deep into a turn
but the amount of times i have used it offensively to help go deep into a turn and hinder my opponent with resources to block is also equally high
also unlike most characters flipping a foundation and committing a face up should be a negative but goro because face downs are counted as 2 foundations means its neutral
and secondly for this cards use in the deck
if you block with it you take 1 damage meaning it counters throws and spirit shotguns and other cards of that nature making it very useful
and you can also block from the staging area meaning its not wasting a space in your hand during the opening rounds
now again this one falls in the same category as judgement day as another card in the deck does a similar function as Civil war (angel discus)
so it may change to 1 copy in the following weeks

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2019-12-06 03:41:42

Attack time
1 flight of the wicked ; starting with the throws this one is a 4 high for 6 damage with an enhance that allows you to discard 4 cards from deck to get plus 1 damage for each face down foundation in your opponents staging area so the idea of this attack in the deck is to early game help put more cards into the discard pile to help give more choice for goros form and as the game progresses you should be flipping opponents foundations were this attack just gets more powerful in damage

2 pilgrimage of anthropos ; another card from the new set that hold lots of promise in the earth build for goro
something the earth build was lacking was the ability to draw cards like the all version of the deck that i took to UK nationals now with some of the newer sets this has started to change this attack being one of them
so the first enhance is if your opponent has 3 or more face down foundations you draw a card
so conditional draw mechanic and the deck has some ways of flipping foundations and assets
but wait there's a second enhance on this attack that says your opponent flips a foundations
well would you look at that this card helps its own draw mechanic magical so i have put 2 in the deck so that i see it more often and that i can play 2 in a turn to help get the flip condition met early so that in following turns i can draw from them
(i dont see this changing in number there is other draw ability in the deck to put it up to 3/4 and i dont feel it will be of any use at 1)

2 Civil War (angel discus) so this is the card i got to reveal on the ufscotland you-tube channel and from the initial look of the card i knew this would hold a place in the earth goro build
so if you block with the card the attack deals no damage so it is the counter for throws and spirit shot gun style cards
(this is the card that may change omega sword and elk shield to one copy in the deck)
but its on an attack meaning you cant use it as an attack but wait its enhance is mental and so meant for goro
enhance during the end phase add this card to your hand if you have at least 1 asset in play
as goro your going to be getting those assets in play with more ease than others so you should have an attack that has safe and multiple 1 just for the hell of it and you can then put it back in your hand at the end phase and then use as a block in your opponents turn and did i mention it also has breaker 1 just for good measure i absolutely love this card

2 swallow your soul ; another card that has been in the deck for several iterations
its the other throw of the deck that serves a different function from flight of the wicked
so SYS if it deals at least 3 or more damage lets you put the top card from your deck to your momentum this helps set up having momentum for things like multiples, ex and cast away and forgotten that are in the deck
and also it being a throw means typically it should end up in the momentum as well which can be grabbed to reuse
now it also has a combo ability thats requirements is 3 damage in older versions of the deck it only managed to combo off its self but now it can combo off Angel discus as well so that may come in handy during test games i hope

1 dark chiritou ; so this card is a four low for six damage with static text that says your opponent cant reduce the damage of your attacks or cause cards to leave your card pool this serves 2 major functions have your attacks hit there full damage potential unhindered by opponent interference its super useful and having your cards safe from being removed from the card pool such as prepare to fight on the multiples is also a massive bonus
secondly it also has a dreaded deadlock enhance that is if this attack deals damage your multiple copies of this attack are unblock-able
if you can get this to cause damage and they are at deadlock it usually ends the game
older versions of the deck had 2/3 copies in the deck but i felt it shortened how deep into the pool i could got in and also tends to scare people out of going into deadlock once they see it in the discard pile having one copy may be good to sneak a win into a game if they dont see it till its too late it also means after this fact it isn't eating a attack spot in the deck

3 nutkrackers this attack is the real bread and butter of the deck if i owned a 4th copy it would be in the deck
this card is amazing and equally busted it adds a card to the card pool to draw sense of morals being the card you should pick since it doesn't add towards progressive but really with the face downs counting as 2 it shouldn't really matter
then the best enhance if your opponents character isn't female you get 4 damage this game is majority male characters so this damage is almost a given
and it has an ex outlet so this kind of damage can be forced through if you have the momentum behind it
and if you need to block with it, it comes with breaker 2 just in case its needed

2 meifias assault ; so another attack with a sudo draw mechanic so its all enhance is add the top card of your discard pile to your hand if you do this after discarding with goro then you get the best choice of the four to be the topo card of your discard that then you can pick up
but ultimately picking up any card is a bonus in the earth build that cant be taken lightly
its top enhance has now found a more prominent role in the deck discard 2 momentum and your opponent commits all their face down foundations that overall you should be making them do enough for this to be a real game changer also discarding the 2 also means if the goro enhance discarding the 4 didn't find you anything you needed discarding the momentum means your getting an attack that could end some games
2 copies has always seemed to be the sweet number for this card in the deck other versions of the deck aiming for an aggressive flip foundations style would have 4 of these in it

1 big cyclone this card in most versions of the deck has been a minimum of 2 but since this version has less issues drawing cards and has more options to block attacks and taking very little damage this card is going down to one just to try it out and see less two checks in the game ( which dont bother me ) so if it needs to go back to two copies then it wont be a problem
this card is super defensive its a high block and when its in the card pool your opponent cant play abilities that grant speed or damage bonuses this card single handedly has saved me in so many games the amount of cards in the game that do plus and minus damage it just turns off so using it as a block can just turn off an opponents turn
and then it also has a response that its even funnier after your opponent plays an ability that causes any cards to leave your hand you cancel the effect and add big cyclone to your card pool no check necessary you resolve your opponents attack first then they have to deal with a 4 mid for 10 damage minimum which on average forces them to block and then turns off the rest of their turn cause its static is in effect
in the Scotland meta this card didn't see play till i put it in the goro build and it became an overnight hated card haha

and the last card to round out the attacks
1 wood mans leaf shield ; so this attack has went from 2 to 1 in similar fashion to big cyclone there is so many defensive pieces now in the deck that there may not be need to flood the deck with these type of attacks
so wood mans leaf shield while in the card pool gives minus 2 damage to your opponents attacks that combined with most of the foundations and cards like big cyclone can slow down attack runs from your opponent and in offensive capacity it adds one to their block modifiers and anything making it harder for them to blocks a good thing
and it has a deadlock enhance that says plus 1 speed and damage for each card in your hand well with the deck not struggling to draw cards this can actually be of use in older versions i think ive been lucky to get plus 3 speed and damage whereas i think this version may be able to out do that record

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2019-12-06 06:18:02

Onto the foundations and will just work top down
x2 betrayer of twelve ; so this card has a very powerful response on it when played in goro.
So after the block step of your attack if your opponent blocks your attack you draw a card and if the didn't they flip a foundation, with goro being able to make attacks hit for a lot of vitality its going to force your opponent to block and then you get to draw a card.
This is super effective since goro being a four hand size character allows you the option to have more cards in your hand increasing your options, or flipping your opponents foundations mean they have less options
the second enhance on the card is subjective to the game really if your opponent has 3 face down foundations then you can destroy this card and make them discard their entire momentum (this card is in a battle with voices in the dark to see what i feel works better).

x4 energy absorption ; so this card comes from yuyu and is a killer card for goro its once per turn enhance is useful in offense and defense also long as you have more vitality than your opponent, you discard 3 cards from deck to either +2 or -2 damage another card that helps fill the discard pile allowing you better options in following turns.
But the response is the best bit about the card after you take damage from an unblocked attack make a 4+ check and gain 1 vitality only playable if your a 5 hander or lower, this card allows you to take a hit and then mitigate the damage taken after the fact and with the other defensive pieces in the deck you could even gain vitality from an unblocked attack which is just mental.

x4 Toughest punk in junior high ; so this is a card that works really well with the previous mentioned energy absorption.
So this cards response happens before you would take damage and you flip the card and reduce the damage you would take by 3 its just another super useful card that reduces the damage your going to take and then on an additional bonus it flips so that you know have another foundation that counts as 2.
In combination with energy absorption it can be very powerful.

x3 hell's reach ; so im playing 3 of this card but wouldn't be shocked if it goes up to 4 in the coming test games.
So this card is seeing mad amount of play in decks because its enhance is so useful, enhance flip and ready this card (playable while committed) in goro this card is amazing it allows you to commit it in order to pass a check and then ready it up and flip it where now it counts as 2 foundations it helps when you only fail a check by one and dont have to tap a defensive piece or have to over commit with a face down and then ready up to continue helping out the game plan.

x1 guardian of the spirit sword ; this card changes all the time on how many copies the deck runs in this current iteration ive set it to 1 for the simple reason that im only interested in the second enhance for getting a asset from the discard pile to hand, ultimately it just helps grabs the assets if i check them during a turn so im not waiting for my following turn to maybe pick it up with the form on goro.
The first enhance is just a once per turn speed debuff of -2 or -3 if its a weapon which is useful but not super essential for the aim of the deck.

x1 dark side of karma ; this card also changes all the time from how many copies the deck contains for this version i think one will be enough.
So this card has a cancel enhance you remove dark side and after a enhance ability from a non character non weapon is played cancel it its for the clutch plays and gives you a level of defense that gets better after game one where you know the opponents deck bit better
the second enhance is flip and return this attack to its printed speed which is very useful if your needing to block.
But the static text at the top says that these ability are playable while committed which again same as hell's reach allows you the option to commit cards without having to over use your face downs.

x1 voices in the dark ; so this card was always a 3 of in the deck but has been reduced to 1 down to the fact that betrayer of twelve is being tested.
So the first enhance is the one we are looking at for this card you flip it and choose one card in either players discard or momentum then the chosen card is added to the deck and shuffled so this card in older versions of the deck was to take away my opponents momentum.
So right now i want to see the comparisons between the 2 cards and see what one is more effective
betrayer can discard their entire momentum but destroys to do so and voices only flips so im thinking betrayer wins on a reusable factor if you pick it up and replay it but it has to be tested in destroying a foundation can still be detrimental in a game so will be keen to see what seems to work better.

x1 cast away and forgotten ; so this card is here to allows you to have a momentum outlet when your on the defense so it flips and discard a momentum so that when an attack is played you seal it
this card is very good since boogie man style attacks are floating about like spirit shotgun, forbidden moon set and nut kracker
being able to turn off an attack card just helps to neutralize a turn.
Now the second response is super subjective where if an attack withe printed damage of three or less is played seal it and if its yours draw a card
there is 2 attacks in the deck where you could do this but im yet to see why anyone would
but if your playing against Lilith or xianghua then i can see where you could get more options out of it.
This will always stay at one copy since its got unique and has no block.

x4 sense of morals static text for this card says it doesn't count towards progressive difficulty
its the card you want to be adding to the card pool with nut kracker and when you do play it it has an enhance on a 4 check that lets you ready a foundation thats been committed due to your opponents effects meaning its harder for you to be stunned in my experience it has completely stopped people from using stun in the first place.
This needs 4 since there is 3 nut krackers in the deck so they have to be there so im not adding cards that make my checks one harder the more i go into my pool during my turn.

x4 commander of outworld's armies ; so this card is great i used to run two but with this build because face downs are a little more prevalent for your opponent to have the increase to four just makes sense
so you flip it after you take 4 damage from an unblocked attack then you flip one of the problem piece foundations and then the next attack gets -2 damage thats awesome,
now in the older versions of the deck this meant that you had to take four damage at least and suck it up and take the hit but now in combination with energy absorption you can start to heal the damage after you respond with commander making it even better just down to its synchronization with the deck,
also if its in hand and you block with it a cheeky breaker one can end an attack run from your opponent.

x1 goro's victory pose ; simply this card is here to help stop people playing actions that mess with my turn or slow their turn
it takes a bit of gut calling but when you flip it and they cant play actions like lets cut loose or if you think they have a STOP! or BANG in hand can absolutely change the course of a game in your favor.

x4 shokan prince ; the bane of the Scotland meta this is the bread and butter of the deck you want to be seeing these cards as fast as possible to change the pace of the game to your pace,
while this card is ready if your printed hand size is less that your opponents non foundation cards get +1 difficulty now this is a fair and balanced card that effects both players so if you have one out your nut kracker now needs a 5 to pass the check and the same goes for your opponent, now thats a bummer if it wasn't for the fact that your foundations in goro count as two so you can check a three and tap one foundation whereas your opponent commits two.
This can slow your opponents turn to a stand still but have less effect on yours.
this card also cant be destroyed by effects so unless the remove it or add to hand or flip it this card will change the game
the faster you get all four out the better
it will single-handedly win your games
(side note i love this card if you couldn't tell).

x1 police connections ; this card is here to save your shokan prince
before a card would be flipped due to your opponents effect flip this card instead as said previously there is only a few ways to get rid of shokan prince flipping it being one and this is the hard counter also its a six check which is also nice
this may need to be increased if people start teching hard against goro but for now the one copy tends to be enough.

x1 refusing to let go so this card is unique and has no block so one copy is good for the deck
the enhance is commit and return this attack's damage to printed and then give it +2 or -2 damage
the cards just so defensive that its curbs an attack and then lets you respond with energy absorption for great effect.

x4 chivalry and honor ; during the early game this card is so good for the defense while you get your discard pile filled with cards like shokan prince
its a respond and flip after an attack is played its damage cant be modified
again another defensive piece that just limits the amount of damage that you have to take in a turn and then lets you trigger commander and energy with more ease.

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2019-12-12 03:04:58

Friday the 14th will be the first major test day for the deck
checkout the UFScotland facebook page for a write up on how it did
and the you tube page for a deck analyse video in the coming weeks

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2019-12-12 03:07:35

Update 14/03/2020
last nights 14 person tournament at Tokyo toys was a good staging area to test some minor tweaks to the deck
firstly the belle foundation beast hunter i wanted to try as i feel its fits better than round 1 fight as it flips the card clogging their pool rather than just remove it and the secondary ability being able to remove itself to un flip 2 foundations give so much more defensive positioning
so i put 2 in the deck and kept the one round 1 fight in for comparison during games
game 1 was against Lilith instantly beast hunter out preformed round 1 fight by flipping the attack rather than removing it synchronizing much better with shokan prince
so going forward round 1 fight will be dropped from the deck in favor of beast hunter

other changes were i only played 1 dark tournament looms
with wanting to try other cards needed to keep the count down so dropped 2 copies
after all the games i actually felt i was unable to use it as much
going forward i might trial it more often at 1 copy

since going to worlds i got a play set of the soul calibur asset which has a response commit seal this weapon attack
it is a must add with all the weapon cards floating around the meta
copies for the deck im thinking start at 1 main board and one side board since ive been noticing an increase of homemade explosive in the meta so i feel its best to have access to 2 copies if needed after tests this may change but will have to see

next post will be about the games from last night

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/ 2020-03-14 14:27:43

games 13/03/2020
game 1 vs Lilith
round 1 get a really good start seeing shokan princes in hand with toughest punks and for chivalry
so was able to play out the first few turns taking minimal damage while building up attacks in the discard pile
in the counter attacks though were extremely stagnant Lilith sealing one attack didn't allow me to draw cards as consistently as i would have liked that and my opponent just having good block zone management meant no damage was getting through
round 1 ended when my opponent saw no attacks and in the counter attack in my turn just managed to force through the damage round 1 ended at the 40 min mark playing into round 2 time gets called and i win the game

game 2 vs Eva
bit shocked to see Eva being played but with some of the newer cards i think shes a bit of a sleeper
round 1 goes pretty much to game plan build defensively and wait for the best time to swing back for game with Eva being only 19 health its an easier turn at times to force through lethal damage round 1 ended in three turns
round 2
agrresive turn one plays when they work give the deck such a good start
that said when they dont cost you games
in this round had a mafias assualt shokan prince commander of out worlds armies and a hells reach
so play the attack check a 3 commit goro pick up the attack play shokan prince check a 3 turn over in response lose about half my life on the back swing cause the attacks become too fast
then i build and die the following turn from kurubushi kick
round 3 goes in the same fashion as round 1 no crazy plays build and then force through the damage
winning game 2

game 3 vs Scott the third guy Burry and his dreaded Tournelouse deck
first things first every single time we actually get to play against each other is always at the top cut tables this game being no different
and the games always being super close this time though he changed symbol to evil so the changes were noticed
round 1 goes starts badly i get turn 1 and go to the meme well with Libra of souls check a 3 pass turn from there on out i was on the super defensive building what i could n playing out the game half way through the round i start to catch up pretty well and start to turn the tides getting to a kill turn
ending the round when i play mafias assault then playing a nut kracker adding a sense of morals to pool playing the second nut kracker adding sense to pool hard playing big cyclone on a 10 getting it to do half damage putting him to 2 then ending with a swallow your soul on an eight tapping out my last 2 foundation to get the round win
round 2 goes more to plan but Scott was able to flip enough foundations that i was having to split the attacks with foundations to chip away with then having enough foundations to make sure i could use my first form a couple of turn im totally flipped out n playing what i get
then Scott hits a dead draw that gave me an opening to put the game away he had 4 health left so i first form and start selecting my new hand putting dark chiritou down first
Scott knowing he had no response to this card and the fact i would just pick up throws puts his hand out a coincides the round

with this win i end undefeated and take first place
Adam second place
Murray third
Scott fourth

again another great event at Tokyo toys

Fatal Badger Fatal Badger
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/ 2020-03-14 15:19:14
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2x [The Dark Tournament Looms] added to deck2019-11-10 23:37:00
Removed "Omega Sword and Owl Shield"2019-11-10 23:36:45
1x [Omega Sword and Owl Shield] added to deck2019-11-10 23:36:42
Removed "Kafziel"2019-11-10 23:36:31
1x [Kafziel] added to deck2019-11-10 23:36:26
1x [Omega Sword and Elk Shield] added to deck2019-11-10 23:36:24
1x [Judgment Day] added to deck2019-11-10 23:36:20
1x [Pilgrimage of Anthropos] added to deck2019-11-10 23:35:29
Removed "Rook Splitter"2019-11-10 23:34:06
1x [Meifa's Assault] added to deck2019-11-10 23:33:34
Removed "Missile Launcher"2019-11-10 23:33:29
Removed "The Voice from the Abyss"2019-11-10 23:33:22
1x [Angel Discus] added to deck2019-11-10 23:33:07
1x [Pilgrimage of Anthropos] added to deck2019-11-10 23:32:53
Removed "Spinning Piledriver"2019-11-10 23:32:38
1x [Swallow Your Soul] added to deck2019-11-10 23:32:24
1x [Nut Kracker] added to deck2019-11-10 23:32:10
Removed "Fatality"2019-11-10 23:32:06
2x [Fatality] added to deck2019-11-10 23:31:58
Removed "Cherub Cyclone"2019-11-10 23:31:30
Removed "Vicious Madness"2019-11-10 23:31:19
Removed "Final Anguish"2019-11-10 23:31:01
Removed "Brutality"2019-11-10 23:30:31
Removed "Hellgate Executioner"2019-11-10 23:29:31
1x [Hellgate Executioner] added to deck2019-11-10 23:29:28
Removed "Spine Sweep"2019-11-10 23:29:17
1x [Spine Sweep] added to deck2019-11-10 23:29:10
Removed "Chained Gyro Gash"2019-11-10 23:29:07
Removed "Heaven to Hell"2019-11-10 23:28:13
Removed "Bargeist Fang"2019-11-10 23:27:53
1x [For Chivalry and Honor] added to deck2019-11-10 23:26:08
1x [Refusing to Let Go] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:49
1x [Pursuing a Vendetta] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:46
1x [Cool and Focused] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:43
1x [Fallen Angels] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:18
1x [Arranging a Deal] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:11
1x [Police Connections] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:06
1x [Folk Tale Storyteller] added to deck2019-11-10 23:25:00
1x [Shokan Prince] added to deck2019-11-10 23:24:40
1x [Goro's Victory Pose] added to deck2019-11-10 23:24:37
1x [Commander of Outworld's Armies] added to deck2019-11-10 23:24:31
1x [Sense of Morals] added to deck2019-11-10 23:24:26
1x [Cast Away and Forgotten] added to deck2019-11-10 23:24:15
1x [Voices in the Dark] added to deck2019-11-10 23:24:10
1x [The Dark Side of Karma] added to deck2019-11-10 23:23:51
1x [Guardian of the Spirit Sword] added to deck2019-11-10 23:23:48
1x [Puppet of the Cursed Sword] added to deck2019-11-10 23:23:36
1x [Hell's Reach] added to deck2019-11-10 23:23:20
1x [Evil Eye] added to deck2019-11-10 23:23:16
1x [Solemn Exorcism] added to deck2019-11-10 23:23:09
1x [Toughest Punk in Junior High] added to deck2019-11-10 23:22:54
1x [Energy Absorption] added to deck2019-11-10 23:22:09
1x [Betrayer of Twelve] added to deck2019-11-10 23:21:40
1x [The Demonic Guard] added to deck2019-11-10 23:21:23
1x [Servant of Ares] added to deck2019-11-10 23:20:48
1x [Memories of Fallen Warriors] added to deck2019-11-10 23:20:41
1x [Brutality] added to deck2019-11-10 23:20:12
1x [Fatality] added to deck2019-11-10 23:19:39
1x [Hellgate Executioner] added to deck2019-11-10 23:19:01
1x [Spine Sweep] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:57
1x [Chained Gyro Gash] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:53
1x [Spinning Piledriver] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:44
1x [Wood Man's Leaf Shield] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:30
1x [Big Cyclone] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:21
1x [Meifa's Assault] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:15
1x [Missile Launcher] added to deck2019-11-10 23:18:04
1x [Nut Kracker] added to deck2019-11-10 23:17:50
1x [Dark Chireitou] added to deck2019-11-10 23:17:46
1x [Swallow Your Soul] added to deck2019-11-10 23:17:41
1x [The Voice from the Abyss] added to deck2019-11-10 23:17:29
1x [Heaven to Hell] added to deck2019-11-10 23:17:22
1x [Rook Splitter] added to deck2019-11-10 23:17:00
1x [Bargeist Fang] added to deck2019-11-10 23:16:42
1x [Cherub Cyclone] added to deck2019-11-10 23:15:52
1x [Angel Discus] added to deck2019-11-10 23:15:26
1x [Pilgrimage of Anthropos] added to deck2019-11-10 23:15:07
1x [Vicious Madness] added to deck2019-11-10 23:14:37
1x [Flight of the Wicked] added to deck2019-11-10 23:14:16
1x [Final Anguish] added to deck2019-11-10 23:14:08
1x [Kafziel] added to deck2019-11-10 23:13:34
1x [Omega Sword and Elk Shield] added to deck2019-11-10 23:13:29
1x [Judgment Day] added to deck2019-11-10 23:13:10
1x [Omega Sword and Owl Shield] added to deck2019-11-10 23:13:05
1x [Kulutues] added to deck2019-11-10 23:12:48
1x [STOP!] added to deck2019-11-10 23:12:11
1x [My Resolve Will Never Falter!] added to deck2019-11-10 23:11:55
1x [The Dark Tournament Looms] added to deck2019-11-10 23:11:44
1x [·Goro·] added to deck2019-11-10 23:11:20
Deck Stability (the higher, the better) : 1.93

Overall Stats

Number of cards Cards with block Average block modifier Average difficulty Average control
Total 65 51 2.33 2.34 4.52
Attack 15 15 2.2 4.33 2.93
Foundation 40 26 2.65 1.8 4.98
Asset 5 5 1.4 1.6 5.4
Action 5 5 2 1.4 4.8
Character 0 0 - - -


Total Average Block Modifier 0
High 7 2.14 0
Mid 31 2.29 0
Low 13 2.54 0

Risks of commiting X foundations

Difficulty / Commited fundation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
2 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
3 98.46% 1.54% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
4 76.92% 21.54% 1.54% 0% 0% 0% 0%
5 69.23% 7.69% 21.54% 1.54% 0% 0% 0%
6 7.69% 61.54% 7.69% 21.54% 1.54% 0% 0%
7 0% 7.69% 61.54% 7.69% 21.54% 1.54% 0%
8 0% 0% 7.69% 61.54% 7.69% 21.54% 1.54%
9 0% 0% 0% 7.69% 61.54% 7.69% 21.54%