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Character (0 cards)

    • Elec Man x1 S

Foundation (36 cards)

    • Personal Tragedy x4 S
    • United Against Terrorism x4 S
    • Tamaiti Whangai x4 S
    • Developmental Years x4 S
    • Artifice Avarice x4 S
    • Devotion to Justice x4 S
    • Finding What Was Lost x4 S
    • Esoteric Yoga x2 S
    • Built for Speed x4 S
    • Ophidiophobia x2 S

Attack (24 cards - speed : 3.17 - dmg 4.5)

    • Air Slam x4 S
    • Hyakuretsukyaku x4 S
    • Stinging Upper x4 S
    • Valiant Assault x4 S
    • Bloody Eye Rushdown x4 S
    • Bloody Eye Rampage x4 S

Asset (0 cards)

Action (0 cards)

Side (8 cards)

    • High Seas Adventure x2 S
    • Emperor of Muay Thai x3 S
    • Formidable Task x3 S

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2x [Ophidiophobia] added to deck2018-07-12 06:47:36
4x [Built for Speed] added to deck2018-07-12 06:45:15
Removed "A Land of Maryoku"2018-07-12 06:44:16
Removed "Swordfish Gunfire"2018-07-12 06:39:14
Removed "Yoga Flame"2018-07-12 06:39:07
4x [Bloody Eye Rampage] added to deck2018-07-12 06:38:55
4x [Bloody Eye Rushdown] added to deck2018-07-12 06:38:51
Removed "Bloody Eye Rushdown"2018-07-12 06:37:54
4x [Swordfish Gunfire] added to deck2018-07-12 06:37:48
Removed "Stretch Kick"2018-07-12 06:37:17
4x [Bloody Eye Rushdown] added to deck2018-07-12 06:35:31
Removed "Push the Limit"2018-07-12 06:11:36
1x [A Land of Maryoku] removed from deck2018-06-27 00:29:25
1x [Air Slam] added to deck2018-06-27 00:29:20
1x [A Land of Maryoku] removed from deck2018-06-27 00:29:02
1x [Stretch Kick] removed from deck2018-06-27 00:28:37
1x [Air Slam] removed from deck2018-06-27 00:28:32
Removed "Inner Neutrality"2018-06-27 00:27:24
Removed "Peaceful Coexistence"2018-06-27 00:26:47
Removed "Arrogant and Overconfident"2018-06-27 00:26:01
Removed "Somersault Kick"2018-06-27 00:25:33
Removed "Mind Becomes Flame"2018-06-27 00:25:01
4x [Somersault Kick] added to deck2018-06-27 00:15:31
Removed "Elec Slam"2018-06-27 00:14:24
1x [Tamaiti Whangai] added to deck2018-06-27 00:12:28
Removed "Hitenryu Training"2018-06-27 00:07:21
3x [Mind Becomes Flame] added to deck2018-06-27 00:06:40
2x [Inner Neutrality] added to deck2018-06-27 00:06:15
2x [Esoteric Yoga] added to deck2018-06-27 00:05:37
4x [Stretch Kick] added to deck2018-06-27 00:04:19
2x [Peaceful Coexistence] added to deck2018-06-26 23:59:06
4x [Finding What Was Lost] added to deck2018-06-26 23:52:52
4x [Push the Limit] added to deck2018-06-26 23:34:16
1x [Elec Slam] added to deck2018-06-26 23:28:39
Removed "M3C Devastator Plasma Cannon"2018-06-26 23:28:28
2x [Devotion to Justice] added to deck2018-05-29 20:32:44
Removed "Childhood Sweethearts"2018-05-29 20:32:35
2x [Devotion to Justice] added to deck2018-05-21 00:17:33
1x [Tamaiti Whangai] removed from deck2018-05-21 00:16:04
1x [Childhood Sweethearts] removed from deck2018-05-21 00:15:33
1x [Elec Slam] removed from deck2018-05-21 00:15:12
1x [Hyakuretsukyaku] added to deck2018-05-21 00:15:08
2x [Yoga Flame] added to deck2018-05-21 00:15:04
Removed "Pharaoh Salvation"2018-05-21 00:14:56
4x [Artifice Avarice] added to deck2018-05-19 13:58:38
Removed "Built for Speed"2018-05-19 13:58:09
1x [Formidable Task] removed from deck2018-04-03 03:47:59
1x [Emperor of Muay Thai] added to deck2018-04-03 03:47:44
Removed "Devotion to Justice"2018-04-03 00:54:38
0x [Devotion to Justice] removed from deck2018-04-03 00:54:13
4x [Arrogant and Overconfident] added to deck2018-04-03 00:53:45
2x [Yoga Flame] removed from deck2018-04-03 00:50:48
1x [Hyakuretsukyaku] removed from deck2018-04-03 00:50:27
1x [Hyakuretsukyaku] added to deck2018-04-03 00:47:52
1x [M3C Devastator Plasma Cannon] added to deck2018-04-03 00:46:53
Removed "Always Watching"2018-04-03 00:46:22
4x [Hitenryu Training] added to deck2018-04-03 00:43:25
1x [Yoga Flame] added to deck2018-04-03 00:41:58
2x [Emperor of Muay Thai] removed from deck2018-03-17 02:27:42
Removed "Scorned Beauty"2018-03-17 02:27:15
[Formidable Task] added to sideboard2018-03-17 02:27:02
[Emperor of Muay Thai] added to sideboard2018-03-17 02:26:56
4x [Formidable Task] added to deck2018-03-17 02:24:24
4x [Emperor of Muay Thai] added to deck2018-03-17 02:23:48
3x [Childhood Sweethearts] added to deck2018-03-17 02:17:59
Removed "Push the Limit"2018-03-17 02:13:56
4x [Developmental Years] added to deck2018-03-17 02:13:12
Removed "Battlefist"2018-03-17 02:09:24
1x [High Seas Adventure] removed from deck2018-03-17 02:09:20
Removed "Rescuer"2018-03-17 02:08:51
1x [Rescuer] removed from deck2018-03-15 04:01:35
Removed "Rescuer"2018-03-15 04:01:31
4x [Rescuer] added to deck2018-03-15 04:01:15
3x [Rescuer] added to deck2018-03-15 03:59:57
Removed "Unknown Motives"2018-03-15 03:50:48
1x [Hyakuretsukyaku] removed from deck2018-03-15 01:55:08
1x [Unknown Motives] removed from deck2018-03-15 01:54:11
Removed "Forgotten"2018-03-15 01:53:57
4x [Tamaiti Whangai] added to deck2018-03-15 01:53:04
1x [Forgotten] added to deck2018-03-15 01:51:34
1x [Unknown Motives] added to deck2018-03-15 01:42:22
Removed "Ko-Ou Ken"2018-03-15 01:41:36
Deck name changed2018-03-15 01:40:57
Removed "Focus Charge"2018-03-15 01:40:32
4x [Ko-Ou Ken] added to deck2018-03-15 01:38:44
2x [Pharaoh Salvation] added to deck2018-03-15 01:38:12
4x [Valiant Assault] added to deck2018-03-15 01:33:57
Removed "Spinning Bird Kick"2018-03-15 01:31:21
Removed "Rescuer"2018-03-15 01:30:35
0x [Stinging Upper] removed from deck2018-03-15 01:30:09
4x [Stinging Upper] added to deck2018-03-15 01:26:23
Removed "Gentle Soul"2018-03-13 02:49:47
4x [Rescuer] added to deck2018-03-13 02:48:34
1x [Focus Charge] added to deck2018-03-06 00:39:44
1x [Forgotten] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:39:33
1x [Forgotten] added to deck2018-03-06 00:36:28
2x [Forgotten] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:36:17
1x [Unknown Motives] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:36:03
1x [Spinning Bird Kick] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:35:46
1x [Focus Charge] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:35:31
4x [United Against Terrorism] added to deck2018-03-06 00:35:17
2x [Scorned Beauty] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:32:28
[Scorned Beauty] added to sideboard2018-03-06 00:32:21
Removed "Peaceful Coexistence"2018-03-06 00:32:15
4x [Scorned Beauty] added to deck2018-03-06 00:32:06
2x [Peaceful Coexistence] added to deck2018-03-06 00:31:50
[High Seas Adventure] added to sideboard2018-03-06 00:31:23
3x [High Seas Adventure] added to deck2018-03-06 00:31:16
[Battlefist] added to sideboard2018-03-06 00:30:53
3x [Battlefist] added to deck2018-03-06 00:29:34
4x [Built for Speed] added to deck2018-03-06 00:29:16
Removed "Frightening Appearance"2018-03-06 00:28:31
2x [Unknown Motives] added to deck2018-03-06 00:27:45
Removed "Built for Speed"2018-03-06 00:27:42
2x [Unknown Motives] removed from deck2018-03-06 00:27:07
Removed "Battlefist"2018-03-06 00:26:53
1x [Battlefist] added to deck2018-03-06 00:24:53
2x [Battlefist] added to deck2018-03-06 00:24:49
4x [A Land of Maryoku] added to deck2018-03-06 00:17:31
Removed "Shield Ram"2018-03-06 00:11:56
4x [Spinning Bird Kick] added to deck2018-03-06 00:04:41
4x [Shield Ram] added to deck2018-03-06 00:03:21
Deck name changed2018-03-06 00:01:00
1x [Unknown Motives] added to deck2018-03-06 00:00:03
Removed "Iron Will"2018-03-05 23:59:57
1x [Focus Charge] added to deck2018-03-05 23:59:13
Removed "Pharaoh Salvation"2018-03-05 23:59:09
1x [Focus Charge] removed from deck2018-03-02 19:30:45
1x [Always Watching] added to deck2018-03-02 19:30:41
1x [Focus Charge] added to deck2018-03-02 19:30:24
1x [Always Watching] removed from deck2018-03-02 19:30:20
1x [Always Watching] added to deck2018-03-02 19:30:01
3x [Yoga Flame] added to deck2018-03-02 19:26:57
Removed "Kikoken"2018-03-02 19:26:43
1x [Unknown Motives] removed from deck2018-03-02 19:24:19
3x [Always Watching] added to deck2018-03-02 19:24:05
Removed "Battlefist"2018-03-02 19:23:27
1x [Focus Charge] removed from deck2018-03-02 19:00:22
3x [Kikoken] added to deck2018-03-02 19:00:17
Removed "Cat Spike"2018-03-02 19:00:02
2x [Personal Tragedy] added to deck2018-03-02 18:52:00
Removed "Repaying a Debt"2018-03-02 18:51:57
2x [Repaying a Debt] removed from deck2018-03-02 18:51:46
2x [Personal Tragedy] removed from deck2018-03-02 18:51:43
4x [Repaying a Debt] added to deck2018-03-02 18:51:23
4x [Personal Tragedy] added to deck2018-03-02 18:47:31
Removed "Rescuer"2018-03-02 18:44:03
Removed "Thunder Beam"2018-03-02 18:32:39
2x [Cat Spike] added to deck2018-03-02 18:32:32
1x [Unknown Motives] added to deck2018-03-02 18:13:45
0x [Elec Man] removed from deck2018-03-02 18:12:35
1x [Unknown Motives] removed from deck2018-03-02 18:12:07
Removed "Paradox of Existence"2018-03-02 18:11:54
2x [Thunder Beam] added to deck2018-03-02 18:11:35
Removed "Conceited"2018-03-02 18:02:46
1x [Paradox of Existence] removed from deck2018-03-02 18:02:01
[Paradox of Existence] removed from sideboard2018-03-02 18:01:42
Removed "Thunder Beam"2018-03-02 18:00:40
Removed "Off Duty Officer"2018-03-02 17:56:08
Removed "United Against Terrorism"2018-03-02 17:55:46
Removed "Gymnastic Techniques"2018-03-02 17:55:23
Removed "Developmental Years"2018-03-02 17:54:39
Removed ""Soul Beats""2018-03-02 17:54:33
Removed "Dashed Hopes"2018-03-02 17:54:06
4x [Push the Limit] added to deck2018-03-02 17:49:22
1x [Battlefist] added to deck2018-03-02 17:18:43
[Conceited] added to sideboard2018-03-02 16:31:54
[Paradox of Existence] added to sideboard2018-03-02 16:31:27
Removed "Repaying a Debt"2018-03-02 16:30:54
Removed "Rapid Proto Buster"2018-03-02 16:25:37
Removed "Robot Masters"2018-03-02 16:08:28
0x [Thunder Beam] removed from deck2018-03-02 16:02:36
2x [Pharaoh Salvation] removed from deck2018-03-02 16:01:56
Removed "Heel Slash"2018-03-02 14:37:06
[Heel Slash] added to sideboard2018-03-02 14:35:59
4x [Dashed Hopes] added to deck2018-02-28 17:51:20
2x [Paradox of Existence] added to deck2018-02-28 17:50:50
4x [Conceited] added to deck2018-02-28 17:49:00
4x [Thunder Beam] added to deck2018-02-28 17:48:37
4x [Unknown Motives] added to deck2018-02-28 17:48:04
4x [Forgotten] added to deck2018-02-28 17:47:18
4x [Rapid Proto Buster] added to deck2018-02-28 17:47:01
4x [Pharaoh Salvation] added to deck2018-02-28 17:45:11
4x [Focus Charge] added to deck2018-02-28 17:44:58
3x [Repaying a Debt] added to deck2018-02-28 17:43:40
1x [Air Slam] added to deck2018-02-28 17:42:02
Removed "Death Hurricane"2018-02-28 17:39:54
4x [Gymnastic Techniques] added to deck2018-02-28 17:39:11
4x [Developmental Years] added to deck2018-02-28 17:37:04
2x [Battlefist] added to deck2018-02-28 17:35:11
4x [Iron Will] added to deck2018-02-28 17:34:07
4x [United Against Terrorism] added to deck2018-02-28 17:26:36
Removed "United Against Terrorism"2018-02-28 17:26:28
3x [United Against Terrorism] added to deck2018-02-28 17:26:12
Removed "United Against Terrorism"2018-02-28 17:26:07
3x [United Against Terrorism] added to deck2018-02-28 17:25:58
Removed "United Against Terrorism"2018-02-28 17:25:50
3x [United Against Terrorism] added to deck2018-02-28 17:25:41
4x [Off Duty Officer] added to deck2018-02-28 17:23:45
4x [Devotion to Justice] added to deck2018-02-28 17:22:37
4x [Hyakuretsukyaku] added to deck2018-02-28 17:20:23
0x [Robot Masters] removed from deck2018-02-28 14:06:05
[Gentle Soul] removed from sideboard2018-02-28 14:05:10
Removed "A Girl Like Any Other"2018-02-28 14:04:59
Removed "Etincelles"2018-02-28 14:04:51
Removed "Dual Blade Rapture"2018-02-28 14:04:47
Removed "Fearless"2018-02-28 14:04:39
Removed "Man Hunt"2018-02-28 14:04:34
Removed "Hand of A Tyrant"2018-02-28 14:04:28
Removed "Champion of Muay Thai"2018-02-28 14:04:21
Removed "Made for Speed"2018-02-28 14:03:47
1x [Man Hunt] removed from deck2016-03-26 06:35:11
1x [Air Slam] removed from deck2016-03-26 06:34:49
2x [Death Hurricane] added to deck2016-03-26 06:34:44
1x [Death Hurricane] removed from deck2016-03-26 06:34:29
2x [Man Hunt] added to deck2016-03-26 06:29:17
Removed "Hedonist"2016-03-26 06:29:08
2x [Hedonist] added to deck2016-03-26 06:19:29
Removed "The 12th Pharaoh"2016-03-26 06:17:17
2x [Man Hunt] removed from deck2016-03-19 04:21:16
2x [Built for Speed] added to deck2016-03-19 04:20:35
Removed "Lone Wanderer"2016-03-19 04:19:48
[Lone Wanderer] removed from sideboard2016-03-19 04:19:34
[A Girl Like Any Other] added to sideboard2016-03-19 04:19:28
2x [Built for Speed] removed from deck2016-03-19 04:17:47
2x [The 12th Pharaoh] removed from deck2016-03-19 04:16:08
2x [Death Hurricane] removed from deck2016-03-19 04:16:00
2x [The 12th Pharaoh] added to deck2016-03-19 04:15:27
[Lone Wanderer] added to sideboard2016-03-19 04:14:46
Removed "Peaceful Coexistence"2016-03-19 04:14:39
1x [The 12th Pharaoh] added to deck2016-03-19 04:14:16
3x [The 12th Pharaoh] removed from deck2016-03-19 04:14:09
Removed "Conceited"2016-03-19 04:13:50
Removed "Unfinished Business"2016-03-19 04:13:30
Removed "Hizoku Prince"2016-03-19 04:12:57
[Gentle Soul] added to sideboard2016-03-19 04:12:37
Removed "Scouting the Enemy"2016-03-19 04:12:26
Removed "Worthy Initiate"2016-03-19 04:12:15
Removed "Blessed"2016-03-19 04:00:51
Removed "Perfect Accuracy"2016-03-19 04:00:47
Removed "Yellow Scarf"2016-03-19 04:00:39
Removed "Genie"2016-03-19 04:00:33
4x [Death Hurricane] added to deck2016-03-19 04:00:17
Removed "Hair Trigger"2016-03-19 03:56:14
Removed "Death Hurricane"2016-03-19 03:55:55
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] added to deck2016-03-19 03:55:38
1x [Heel Slash] added to deck2016-03-19 03:55:05
4x [Fearless] added to deck2016-03-19 03:54:35
4x [A Girl Like Any Other] added to deck2016-03-19 03:52:33
4x [Lone Wanderer] added to deck2016-03-19 03:44:11
4x [Gentle Soul] added to deck2016-03-19 03:43:58
4x [The 12th Pharaoh] added to deck2016-03-19 03:42:31
4x [Built for Speed] added to deck2016-03-19 03:39:58
4x [Rescuer] added to deck2016-03-19 03:35:59
4x [Frightening Appearance] added to deck2016-03-19 03:32:07
4x [Air Slam] added to deck2016-03-19 03:31:28
4x ["Soul Beats"] added to deck2016-03-19 03:30:27
4x [Death Hurricane] added to deck2016-03-19 03:27:22
0x [Peaceful Coexistence] removed from deck2016-03-19 03:27:01
0x [Peaceful Coexistence] removed from deck2016-03-19 03:27:00
[Genie] added to sideboard2016-03-19 03:26:58
4x [Peaceful Coexistence] added to deck2016-03-19 03:24:15
Removed "Contacting Heidern"2016-03-19 03:10:02
1x [Blessed] added to deck2015-03-18 19:49:38
1x [Yellow Scarf] added to deck2015-03-18 19:49:34
2x [Conceited] added to deck2015-03-18 19:46:02
[Conceited] removed from sideboard2015-03-18 19:45:40
Removed "Last Ditch Gamble"2015-03-18 19:45:23
1x [Heel Slash] removed from deck2015-03-18 19:25:49
4x [Heel Slash] added to deck2015-03-18 19:25:37
Removed "Reload"2015-03-18 19:17:12
2x [Conceited] removed from deck2014-08-13 05:39:47
2x [Hizoku Prince] added to deck2014-08-13 05:39:37
[Hizoku Prince] removed from sideboard2014-08-13 05:39:22
[Conceited] added to sideboard2014-08-13 05:39:18
2x [Hizoku Prince] removed from deck2014-08-13 05:38:15
3x [Blessed] removed from deck2014-08-13 05:38:03
1x [Yellow Scarf] removed from deck2014-08-13 05:37:57
[Hizoku Prince] added to sideboard2014-08-13 05:37:50
4x [Man Hunt] added to deck2014-08-13 05:35:29
4x [Hizoku Prince] added to deck2014-08-13 05:34:32
4x [Robot Masters] added to deck2014-08-13 05:34:09
2x [Champion of Muay Thai] added to deck2014-08-13 05:32:58
Removed "A Brother's Concern"2014-08-13 05:31:12
[Perfect Accuracy] added to sideboard2014-08-13 05:30:54
Removed "Lone Wanderer"2014-08-13 05:30:47
Removed "Flawed Energy Core"2014-08-13 05:30:39
[Blessed] added to sideboard2014-08-13 05:30:28
[Yellow Scarf] added to sideboard2014-08-13 05:30:22
4x [Worthy Initiate] added to deck2014-08-13 05:29:15
4x [Blessed] added to deck2014-08-13 05:29:04
4x [Last Ditch Gamble] added to deck2014-08-13 05:28:56
Removed "Paradox of Existence"2014-08-13 05:28:15
3x [Reload] added to deck2014-08-13 04:45:44
Removed "Fire in the Hole!"2014-08-13 04:44:56
1x [Genie] removed from deck2014-08-13 04:44:47
4x [Fire in the Hole!] added to deck2014-08-13 04:44:31
4x [Etincelles] added to deck2014-08-13 04:43:50
1x [Genie] added to deck2014-08-13 04:42:49
Removed "Focus Charge"2014-08-13 04:42:00
Removed "Proto Strike"2014-08-13 04:41:54
Removed "Poison Dart"2014-08-13 04:41:50
Removed "Gut Shot"2014-08-13 04:41:44
4x [Hair Trigger] added to deck2014-08-13 04:41:05
0x [Elec Man] removed from deck2014-08-10 03:24:12
1x [Proto Strike] added to deck2014-08-09 03:15:54
1x [Poison Dart] removed from deck2014-08-09 03:15:50
1x [Genie] added to deck2014-08-09 03:13:44
1x [Poison Dart] removed from deck2014-08-09 03:13:41
2x [Unfinished Business] removed from deck2014-08-09 03:04:17
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] removed from deck2014-08-09 03:03:21
1x [Poison Dart] added to deck2014-08-09 02:59:20
1x [Genie] removed from deck2014-08-09 02:59:09
1x [Focus Charge] added to deck2014-08-09 02:57:49
2x [Proto Strike] removed from deck2014-08-09 02:57:45
1x [Focus Charge] removed from deck2014-08-09 02:57:14
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] added to deck2014-08-09 02:56:48
[Gut Shot] removed from sideboard2014-08-09 02:56:33
[Gut Shot] added to sideboard2014-08-09 02:55:46
[Elec Slam] removed from sideboard2014-08-09 02:55:34
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:47:05
1x [Perfect Accuracy] added to deck2014-07-29 05:47:01
1x [Conceited] added to deck2014-07-29 05:45:44
1x [Perfect Accuracy] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:45:40
1x [Conceited] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:45:27
1x [Lone Wanderer] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:45:02
1x [Poison Dart] added to deck2014-07-29 05:44:36
1x [Genie] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:44:32
1x [Gut Shot] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:44:10
1x [Genie] added to deck2014-07-29 05:43:33
1x [Genie] added to deck2014-07-29 05:43:18
1x [Gut Shot] added to deck2014-07-29 05:43:08
1x [Lone Wanderer] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:42:23
1x [Contacting Heidern] added to deck2014-07-29 05:42:19
Removed "Unspoken Feelings"2014-07-29 05:41:53
1x [Lone Wanderer] added to deck2014-07-29 05:41:48
1x [Perfect Accuracy] added to deck2014-07-29 05:41:29
1x [Gut Shot] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:41:17
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] added to deck2014-07-29 05:41:13
1x [Poison Dart] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:41:05
1x [Proto Strike] added to deck2014-07-29 05:41:01
1x [Genie] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:40:51
1x [Focus Charge] added to deck2014-07-29 05:40:44
1x [Paradox of Existence] added to deck2014-07-29 05:38:45
1x [Unspoken Feelings] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:37:52
Removed "Intoxicating Seduction"2014-07-29 05:37:12
Removed "Into the Sunset"2014-07-29 05:37:09
Removed "Mourning the Lost"2014-07-29 05:37:06
Removed "Man Hunt"2014-07-29 05:37:02
Removed "Robot Masters"2014-07-29 05:36:59
Removed "Dark Corruption"2014-07-29 05:36:53
Removed "Genmuken"2014-07-29 05:36:50
3x [Elec Slam] added to deck2014-07-29 05:36:46
Removed "Couronne des Fleurs"2014-07-29 05:36:33
Removed "Etincelles"2014-07-29 05:36:30
Removed "Bomb Slam"2014-07-29 05:36:25
1x [Unspoken Feelings] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:35:59
Removed "Ladies Man"2014-07-29 05:35:36
1x [Perfect Accuracy] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:35:09
1x [Contacting Heidern] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:34:45
1x [Paradox of Existence] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:34:38
1x [Ladies Man] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:34:30
Removed "Scorned Beauty"2014-07-29 05:33:49
Removed "The Shooting Star"2014-07-29 05:33:24
Removed "Dashed Hopes"2014-07-29 05:31:52
Removed "Otaku Hater"2014-07-29 05:31:33
Removed "Champion of Muay Thai"2014-07-29 05:31:22
0x [Poison Dart] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:30:49
1x [Focus Charge] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:30:40
1x [Proto Strike] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:30:36
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:30:33
1x [Genie] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:30:07
1x [Poison Dart] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:29:59
1x [Gut Shot] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:29:47
Removed "Fire in the Hole!"2014-07-29 05:29:23
Removed "Piercing Howl"2014-07-29 05:28:58
3x [Dark Corruption] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:28:08
[Dark Corruption] added to sideboard2014-07-29 05:27:51
3x [Elec Slam] removed from deck2014-07-29 05:26:56
[Elec Slam] added to sideboard2014-07-29 05:26:42
4x [A Brother's Concern] added to deck2014-07-29 05:25:53
2x [Contacting Heidern] added to deck2014-07-29 05:25:46
4x [Perfect Accuracy] added to deck2014-07-29 05:24:26
2x [Ladies Man] added to deck2014-07-29 05:23:41
2x [Champion of Muay Thai] added to deck2014-07-29 05:23:27
2x [Champion of Muay Thai] added to deck2014-07-29 05:23:22
4x [Otaku Hater] added to deck2014-07-29 05:22:56
4x [The Shooting Star] added to deck2014-07-29 05:22:43
4x [Unfinished Business] added to deck2014-07-29 05:21:34
4x [Dashed Hopes] added to deck2014-07-29 05:20:51
2x [Scorned Beauty] added to deck2014-07-29 05:20:39
4x [Unspoken Feelings] added to deck2014-07-29 05:19:21
2x [Yellow Scarf] added to deck2014-07-29 05:17:08
4x [Conceited] added to deck2014-07-29 05:16:56
3x [Lone Wanderer] added to deck2014-07-29 05:14:08
4x [Flawed Energy Core] added to deck2014-07-29 05:13:35
4x [Piercing Howl] added to deck2014-07-29 05:12:04
4x [Focus Charge] added to deck2014-07-29 05:11:38
4x [Proto Strike] added to deck2014-07-29 05:09:44
4x [Fire in the Hole!] added to deck2014-07-29 05:07:43
4x [Poison Dart] added to deck2014-07-29 05:06:29
4x [Gut Shot] added to deck2014-07-29 05:02:57
2x [Bomb Slam] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:56:58
3x [Etincelles] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:56:54
3x [Genmuken] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:56:48
3x [Robot Masters] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:55:57
3x [Mourning the Lost] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:55:52
3x [Man Hunt] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:55:48
3x [Into the Sunset] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:55:43
3x [Intoxicating Seduction] removed from deck2014-07-29 04:55:39
[Into the Sunset] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:55:15
[Man Hunt] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:55:10
[Intoxicating Seduction] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:55:07
[Mourning the Lost] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:55:03
[Robot Masters] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:54:59
[Bomb Slam] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:54:51
[Genmuken] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:54:48
[Etincelles] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:54:43
1x [Elec Slam] added to deck2014-07-29 04:54:35
1x [Genie] added to deck2014-07-29 04:54:31
1x [Dark Corruption] added to deck2014-07-29 04:54:27
[Couronne des Fleurs] added to sideboard2014-07-29 04:54:21
Removed "Hyper Bomb··"2014-07-29 04:54:11
Removed "Energetic But Clumsy"2014-07-29 04:54:06
Removed "Mug Shot"2014-07-29 04:54:02
Removed "Shanghai's God of War"2014-07-29 04:53:54
1x [Elec Slam] removed from deck2014-07-27 04:27:46
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] added to deck2014-07-27 04:27:42
1x [Dark Corruption] added to deck2014-07-27 04:23:38
1x [Genie] added to deck2014-07-27 04:23:34
1x [Dual Blade Rapture] removed from deck2014-07-27 04:23:31
1x [Bomb Slam] removed from deck2014-07-27 04:23:24
[Shanghai's God of War] added to sideboard2014-07-27 04:17:30
3x [Shanghai's God of War] removed from deck2014-07-27 04:17:27
Removed "Seeking Information"2014-07-27 04:17:20
4x [Scouting the Enemy] added to deck2014-07-27 04:16:54
4x [Shanghai's God of War] added to deck2014-07-27 04:14:08
Removed "Piercing Howl"2014-07-27 04:11:25
3x [Robot Masters] added to deck2014-07-27 04:11:13
[Robot Masters] removed from sideboard2014-07-27 04:09:57
1x [Hand of A Tyrant] added to deck2014-07-27 04:09:50
1x [Paradox of Existence] added to deck2014-07-27 04:09:45
2x [Made for Speed] added to deck2014-07-27 04:09:40
Removed "Hizoku Prince"2014-07-27 04:09:26
Removed "Fights in the Shade"2014-07-27 04:09:21
2x [Dark Corruption] added to deck2014-07-27 04:09:10
2x [Genie] removed from deck2014-07-27 04:07:10
2x [Elec Slam] added to deck2014-07-27 04:07:04
Removed "Hair Trigger"2014-07-27 04:07:00
Removed "Dark Corruption"2014-07-27 04:06:52
1x [Bomb Slam] added to deck2014-07-27 04:06:46
[Elec Man] removed from sideboard2014-07-24 00:56:11
Main character changed2014-07-24 00:56:05
[Elec Man] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:55:47
Removed "Conceited"2014-07-24 00:53:58
3x [Seeking Information] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:52:05
[Seeking Information] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:51:49
Removed "Worthy Initiate"2014-07-24 00:48:20
1x [Dark Corruption] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:46:39
1x [Elec Man] added to deck2014-07-24 00:46:05
3x [Conceited] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:45:25
3x [Energetic But Clumsy] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:45:06
3x [Robot Masters] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:45:01
[Conceited] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:44:45
Removed "Penance"2014-07-24 00:44:28
2x [Made for Speed] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:44:13
Removed "Brash and Aggressive"2014-07-24 00:43:50
[Energetic But Clumsy] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:43:02
1x [Couronne des Fleurs] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:42:50
2x [Couronne des Fleurs] added to deck2014-07-24 00:35:44
[Robot Masters] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:19:39
[Mug Shot] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:17:00
1x [Mug Shot] added to deck2014-07-24 00:15:54
1x [Hyper Bomb··] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:13:25
3x [Piercing Howl] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:13:21
[Hyper Bomb··] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:13:00
Removed "Reverse Spider Uppercut"2014-07-24 00:11:03
Removed "Hien Shippuu Kyaku"2014-07-24 00:10:38
Removed "Sting Kick"2014-07-24 00:09:15
0x [Sting Kick] removed from deck2014-07-24 00:08:46
[Piercing Howl] added to sideboard2014-07-24 00:08:27
4x [Conceited] added to deck2014-07-24 00:02:39
4x [Piercing Howl] added to deck2014-07-23 23:54:48
4x [Genie] added to deck2014-07-23 23:54:02
2x [Elec Slam] added to deck2014-07-23 23:53:49
3x [Hand of A Tyrant] added to deck2014-07-23 23:52:39
1x [Paradox of Existence] added to deck2014-07-23 23:51:59
4x [Penance] added to deck2014-07-23 23:50:30
4x [Made for Speed] added to deck2014-07-23 23:48:26
4x [Into the Sunset] added to deck2014-07-23 23:47:33
4x [Hair Trigger] added to deck2014-07-23 23:45:15
4x [Man Hunt] added to deck2014-07-23 23:42:59
4x [Intoxicating Seduction] added to deck2014-07-23 23:41:06
4x [Sting Kick] added to deck2014-07-23 23:40:33
4x [Reverse Spider Uppercut] added to deck2014-07-23 23:40:28
4x [Worthy Initiate] added to deck2014-07-23 23:37:21
4x [Dual Blade Rapture] added to deck2014-07-23 23:36:48
4x [Dark Corruption] added to deck2014-07-23 23:36:42
4x [Brash and Aggressive] added to deck2014-07-23 23:36:11
4x [Seeking Information] added to deck2014-07-23 23:35:45
4x [Mourning the Lost] added to deck2014-07-23 23:32:59
4x [Etincelles] added to deck2014-07-23 23:32:35
4x [Hizoku Prince] added to deck2014-07-23 23:31:59
4x [Genmuken] added to deck2014-07-23 23:31:45
4x [Fights in the Shade] added to deck2014-07-23 23:31:40
4x [Energetic But Clumsy] added to deck2014-07-23 23:24:16
0x [Hien Shippuu Kyaku] removed from deck2014-07-23 23:21:42
4x [Hien Shippuu Kyaku] added to deck2014-07-23 23:08:25
4x [Robot Masters] added to deck2014-07-23 23:08:12
2x [Hyper Bomb··] added to deck2014-07-23 23:07:39
3x [Bomb Slam] added to deck2014-07-23 23:06:12
Deck Stability (the higher, the better) : 1.75

Overall Stats

Number of cards Cards with block Average block modifier Average difficulty Average control
Total 60 52 2.42 2.5 4.37
Attack 24 20 1.6 4.17 3
Foundation 36 32 2.94 1.39 5.28
Asset 0 0 - - -
Action 0 0 - - -
Character 0 0 - - -


Total Average Block Modifier
High 18 2.67
Mid 24 2.33
Low 10 2.2

Risks of commiting X foundations

Difficulty / Commited fundation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
2 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
3 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
4 60% 40% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
5 60% 0% 40% 0% 0% 0% 0%
6 16.67% 43.33% 0% 40% 0% 0% 0%
7 0% 16.67% 43.33% 0% 40% 0% 0%
8 0% 0% 16.67% 43.33% 0% 40% 0%
9 0% 0% 0% 16.67% 43.33% 0% 40%