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Character (0 cards)

    • ·Robert· x1 L

Foundation (38 cards)

    • Juggle x4 L
    • Champion of Justice x3 L
    • A Matter of Heads and Tails x2 L
    • Broken Memories x4 L
    • Contacting Heidern x2 L
    • Competitive Nature x4 L
    • Enki Tensions x1 L
    • Directing an Empire x4 L
    • Holiday Cheer x2 L
    • Second Chance x4 L
    • The Hungry Wolf x4 L
    • The Dragon of Kyokugen x4 L

Attack (17 cards - speed : 2.82 - dmg 4.18)

    • Hien Shippuu Ryuujen Kyaku x4 L
    • Super Drop Kick x4 L
    • Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku x4 L
    • R.E.D. Kick x1 L
    • Head Crush x2 L
    • Hien Shippuu Kyaku x2 L

Asset (0 cards)

Action (4 cards)

    • Kyokugen Training x4 L

Side (6 cards)

    • Houou Hiten Kyaku x3 L
    • Joyfully Wealthy x2 L
    • ·Kim· x1 L

Draft of a Random Order Robert build that popped up, abusing Powerful/Kick support and his second enhance. Can side into Kim if required.

Card-by-Card description:

• Kyokugen Training: Random speed boost and momentum generator. It has a mid block, which helps me combo into Head Crush after Hien Shippu Kyaku or Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku; even better because it doesn't count towards progressive difficulty, so its as if it was never there.

• Head Crush: Combos out of almost all of the attacks, Kyokugen Training and The Dragon of Kyokugen; notice the two latter cards don't count for progressive, so its as if they were never there and lets me use Head Crush's Combo E. Helps me grab Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku, Hien Shippuu Kyaku or another Head Crush. Can trigger Champion of Justice for basically no discard.
• Hien Shippu Kyaku: 4 difficulty attack for Head Crush and Super Drop Kick. Reversal High Attack. Combos into all Combo attacks except Head Crush.
• Hien Shippu Ryuujen Kyaku: Momentum generator and staging area control. Combos into all Combo attacks.
• R.E.D. Kick: Increases opponent's difficulty and block modifiers. Can become a very dangerous Powerful attack after using its Combo E and Robert's second E and/or The Dragon of Kyokugen. Combos into all Combo attacks.
• Super Drop Kick: Combos into all Combo attacks. Reversal deck control. The E helps pass the checks for Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku, Head Crush and Hien Shippuu Kyaku.
• Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku: Super broke with Robert due to its multiple copies getting the Kick keyword. All attacks except Head Crush Combo into it. Head Crush can grab it.

• A Matter of Heads and Tails: Self explanatory.
• Broken Memories: Becomes a free damage boost to all attacks thanks to Robert's second E (except Head Crush), including Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku's multiple copies.
• Champion of Justice: Can be used with Robert's second E, since the Powerful attacks have the additional discarding cards from hand as a cost. Can also be done with Head Crush.
• Competitive Nature: Anti-Reprogramming. Helps set up when I don't draw into good foundations early game.
• Contacting Heidern: Card draw.
• Directing an Empire: Staging area control.
• Enki Tensions: Staging area control.
• Holiday Cheer: Card draw.
• Juggle: Momentum generator. If opponent blocked with a foundation (such as to R.E.D. kick, which is a foundation block magnet), free damage boost to all my attacks.
• Second Chance: Spam foundation and early game momentum generator.
• The Dragon of Kyokugen: Doesn't count for progressive and combos to Head Crush. Can force opponent to block R.E.D. Kick.
• The Hungry Wolf: Free speed pump early turn to force opponent to block things (especially R.E.D. Kick).

Possible Side-Board:
1 •Kim•
2 Hien Shippuu Kyaku
3 Houou Hiten Kyaku
2 Joyfully Wealthy

Siding to Kim:
1 Robert for 1 Kim
4 Broken Memories for 2 Joyfully Wealthy and 2 Hien Shippuu Kyaku
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Removed "Sisterly Scolding"2014-05-29 10:38:55
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[Hien Shippuu Kyaku] removed from sideboard2014-05-29 10:12:43
2x [R.E.D. Kick] removed from deck2014-05-29 10:12:40
1x [Directing an Empire] added to deck2014-05-29 09:20:31
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4x [Houou Hiten Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-29 09:13:42
4x [Kyokugen Training] added to deck2014-05-29 09:12:38
1x [Sisterly Scolding] removed from deck2014-05-29 09:12:17
Removed "Gen-ei Kyaku"2014-05-29 08:21:37
1x [Sisterly Scolding] removed from deck2014-05-29 08:19:20
1x [Gen-ei Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-29 08:17:44
2x [Head Crush] added to deck2014-05-29 08:16:48
1x [Enki Tensions] removed from deck2014-05-29 08:10:07
2x [Sisterly Scolding] added to deck2014-05-29 08:08:13
3x [The Dragon of Kyokugen] added to deck2014-05-29 08:02:53
Removed "Accurate Arm"2014-05-29 08:02:09
0x [The Hungry Wolf] removed from deck2014-05-29 08:02:01
1x [Sisterly Scolding] added to deck2014-05-28 18:48:11
1x [The Dragon of Kyokugen] added to deck2014-05-28 18:47:55
Removed "Playboy"2014-05-28 18:42:42
0x [Enki Tensions] removed from deck2014-05-28 18:42:23
Removed "Houou Hiten Kyaku"2014-05-28 18:41:52
Removed "Leona Blade"2014-05-27 13:21:40
0x [Leona Blade] removed from deck2014-05-27 13:21:31
2x [Leona Blade] added to deck2014-05-27 13:21:17
Removed "75-Shiki Kai"2014-05-27 11:50:01
4x [R.E.D. Kick] added to deck2014-05-27 11:47:22
Removed "Showdown"2014-05-27 11:46:17
2x [Accurate Arm] added to deck2014-05-27 11:45:48
1x [A Matter of Heads and Tails] added to deck2014-05-27 11:41:37
Removed "Kohou"2014-05-27 11:40:49
2x [Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-27 11:40:41
2x [Kohou] added to deck2014-05-27 11:39:24
Removed "Hien Shippuu Kyaku"2014-05-27 11:38:53
1x [A Matter of Heads and Tails] removed from deck2014-05-27 11:37:39
1x [Second Chance] added to deck2014-05-27 11:37:29
1x [Hien Shippuu Kyaku] removed from deck2014-05-27 11:37:08
2x [Zero-Shiki Houou Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-27 11:36:31
[Competitive Nature] removed from sideboard2014-05-27 11:35:16
Removed "Interrupted Education"2014-05-27 11:35:13
[Interrupted Education] added to sideboard2014-05-27 11:33:40
Deck description changed2014-05-24 10:42:08
Removed "Hornbrook Bach"2014-05-23 09:02:02
4x [Hornbrook Bach] added to deck2014-05-23 09:01:48
2x [Interrupted Education] added to deck2014-05-23 08:06:36
Removed "United We Stand"2014-05-23 07:59:32
Removed "Instability"2014-05-22 22:43:13
4x [Instability] added to deck2014-05-22 22:41:11
4x [The Hungry Wolf] added to deck2014-05-22 22:39:28
1x [United We Stand] removed from deck2014-05-22 22:38:37
Removed "Escaping Fate"2014-05-22 22:38:18
1x [A Matter of Heads and Tails] added to deck2014-05-22 22:36:58
0x [A Matter of Heads and Tails] removed from deck2014-05-22 22:36:07
Removed "Seal of Retribution"2014-05-22 22:35:43
1x [Second Chance] added to deck2014-05-22 22:34:12
Removed "The Hungry Wolf"2014-05-22 22:34:04
2x [Second Chance] added to deck2014-05-22 22:32:11
3x [United We Stand] added to deck2014-05-22 22:30:51
[Competitive Nature] added to sideboard2014-05-22 22:30:24
Deck description changed2014-05-22 22:28:21
1x [Enki Tensions] added to deck2014-05-22 22:26:19
Removed "Interrupted Education"2014-05-22 22:26:12
0x [Escaping Fate] removed from deck2014-05-22 22:25:44
2x [Escaping Fate] removed from deck2014-05-22 22:25:39
1x [Directing an Empire] removed from deck2014-05-22 22:25:24
Removed "Shin-Tenchi Haoh Ken"2014-05-22 22:24:51
1x [Hien Shippuu Kyaku] removed from deck2014-05-22 22:23:21
1x [Shin-Tenchi Haoh Ken] added to deck2014-05-22 22:22:45
2x [Seal of Retribution] added to deck2014-05-22 22:21:49
2x [Showdown] added to deck2014-05-22 18:03:46
Removed "Military Uniform"2014-05-22 18:03:36
Removed "R.E.D. Kick"2014-05-22 18:03:21
4x [75-Shiki Kai] added to deck2014-05-22 18:03:11
3x [Escaping Fate] added to deck2014-05-22 18:01:39
Removed "Seal of Retribution"2014-05-22 18:00:58
4x [Hien Shippuu Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-22 17:52:15
2x [Super Drop Kick] added to deck2014-05-22 17:51:53
3x [Directing an Empire] added to deck2014-05-22 17:50:49
2x [Holiday Cheer] added to deck2014-05-22 17:50:32
Removed "Second Chance"2014-05-22 17:49:30
1x [Escaping Fate] added to deck2014-05-22 17:49:00
1x [Directing an Empire] added to deck2014-05-22 17:48:29
1x [Enki Tensions] added to deck2014-05-22 17:47:40
1x [Interrupted Education] added to deck2014-05-22 17:46:04
4x [Houou Hiten Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-22 17:12:47
Removed "Hangetsuzan"2014-05-22 17:11:32
Removed "Shin-Tenchi Haoh Ken"2014-05-22 17:11:18
Removed "The Out of Control Giant"2014-05-22 17:02:20
1x [Seal of Retribution] removed from deck2014-05-22 17:02:11
1x [Playboy] added to deck2014-05-22 17:01:55
1x [Champion of Justice] added to deck2014-05-22 17:01:43
Removed "Making a Killing"2014-05-22 17:01:38
Removed "Trained by the Streets"2014-05-22 17:01:33
Removed "Instability"2014-05-22 17:01:28
1x [Contacting Heidern] added to deck2014-05-22 17:01:25
2x [Shin-Tenchi Haoh Ken] removed from deck2014-05-22 16:56:10
Removed "United We Stand"2014-05-22 16:56:03
Removed "Haoh Shikou Ken"2014-05-22 16:55:57
Deck description changed2014-05-22 08:54:34
Deck description changed2014-05-22 08:54:34
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Deck description changed2014-05-22 08:18:30
2x [Second Chance] removed from deck2014-05-22 08:07:27
1x [Seal of Retribution] removed from deck2014-05-21 17:35:02
1x [Playboy] added to deck2014-05-21 17:34:39
2x [Playboy] removed from deck2014-05-21 17:34:33
2x [Hangetsuzan] added to deck2014-05-21 17:26:07
2x [Military Uniform] added to deck2014-05-21 17:25:32
1x [United We Stand] removed from deck2014-05-21 17:24:46
Removed "Destined Warrior"2014-05-21 17:23:30
2x [Super Drop Kick] removed from deck2014-05-21 17:17:34
Removed "The Dragon of Kyokugen"2014-05-21 17:16:53
Removed "Holiday Cheer"2014-05-21 17:13:08
1x [Contacting Heidern] removed from deck2014-05-21 17:12:40
Removed "Team Art of Fighting"2014-05-21 17:12:22
1x [Competitive Nature] added to deck2014-05-21 17:10:58
3x [Competitive Nature] added to deck2014-05-21 17:10:51
2x [Contacting Heidern] added to deck2014-05-21 17:09:47
2x [Holiday Cheer] added to deck2014-05-21 17:09:36
4x [Broken Memories] added to deck2014-05-21 17:06:48
4x [Instability] added to deck2014-05-21 17:06:38
1x [Trained by the Streets] added to deck2014-05-21 17:06:11
4x [The Hungry Wolf] added to deck2014-05-21 17:06:07
1x [Making a Killing] added to deck2014-05-21 17:05:59
1x [A Matter of Heads and Tails] added to deck2014-05-21 17:05:57
1x [The Out of Control Giant] added to deck2014-05-21 17:05:49
1x [Champion of Justice] added to deck2014-05-21 17:05:42
4x [Destined Warrior] added to deck2014-05-21 17:05:30
4x [The Dragon of Kyokugen] added to deck2014-05-21 17:05:12
4x [R.E.D. Kick] added to deck2014-05-21 17:02:22
4x [Super Drop Kick] added to deck2014-05-21 17:02:08
4x [Seal of Retribution] added to deck2014-05-21 17:01:06
4x [United We Stand] added to deck2014-05-21 17:00:47
4x [Playboy] added to deck2014-05-21 16:58:17
4x [Juggle] added to deck2014-05-21 16:58:09
4x [Second Chance] added to deck2014-05-21 16:57:37
4x [Haoh Shikou Ken] added to deck2014-05-21 16:57:06
2x [Team Art of Fighting] added to deck2014-05-21 16:56:57
4x [Shin-Tenchi Haoh Ken] added to deck2014-05-21 16:56:21
4x [Hien Shippuu Ryuujen Kyaku] added to deck2014-05-21 16:55:36
1x [·Robert·] added to deck2014-05-21 16:54:52
Deck Stability (the higher, the better) : 1.84

Overall Stats

Number of cards Cards with block Average block modifier Average difficulty Average control
Total 59 37 2.16 2.34 4.31
Attack 17 11 0.91 4.06 2.53
Foundation 38 22 3 1.82 4.92
Asset 0 0 - - -
Action 4 4 1 0 6
Character 0 0 - - -


Total Average Block Modifier 0
High 9 2.78 0
Mid 28 1.96 0
Low 0 - 0

Risks of commiting X foundations

Difficulty / Commited fundation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
2 93.22% 6.78% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
3 93.22% 0% 6.78% 0% 0% 0% 0%
4 71.19% 22.03% 0% 6.78% 0% 0% 0%
5 66.1% 5.08% 22.03% 0% 6.78% 0% 0%
6 6.78% 59.32% 5.08% 22.03% 0% 6.78% 0%
7 0% 6.78% 59.32% 5.08% 22.03% 0% 6.78%
8 0% 0% 6.78% 59.32% 5.08% 22.03% 0%
9 0% 0% 0% 6.78% 59.32% 5.08% 22.03%