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Character (0 cards)

    • ·Reptile· x1 S

Foundation (37 cards)

    • Data Dog x2 S
    • Faye-Faye! x4 S
    • Elimination Mode x4 S
    • Dust in the Wind x2 L
    • Damnation x1 S
    • Living Pendulum x1 S
    • Not Over Until You DIE x3 S
    • Search for Saurians x2 S
    • Curious Magnetism x1 S
    • Face of a Monster x3 S
    • Retreated to Arctika x1 S
    • Immortal Knowledge x4 S
    • Harrison's Lucky Day x2 S
    • For Mother Russia! x1 S
    • Wily's Master Creation x2 S
    • Reclaiming What's Ours x1 S
    • Borscht Aficionado x3 S

Attack (24 cards - speed : 4 - dmg 4.17)

    • Klaw Swipe x4 S
    • Acid Spit x4 S
    • Forceball x4 S
    • Sadistic Ways x2 S
    • Leap Into the Fray x3 S
    • Deep Freeze x3 S
    • Tatsumaki Zankukyaku x2 S
    • Reptile's Slide x2 S

Asset (0 cards)

Action (5 cards)

    • Revoke x3 S
    • Bang! x2 S

Side (8 cards)

    • Bang! x2 S
    • Ageless and Wise x2 S
    • Worn From Battle x2 S
    • Esoteric Yoga x2 S

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1x [Borscht Aficionado] removed from deck2019-02-22 16:25:26
1x [Search for Saurians] removed from deck2019-02-22 16:24:54
1x [Dust in the Wind] removed from deck2019-02-22 16:23:52
Removed "Tenacious Partner"2019-02-22 16:23:04
1x [For Mother Russia!] removed from deck2019-02-22 16:15:14
Removed "Darkness Within"2019-02-22 16:14:56
Removed "Vanquished Brother"2019-02-22 16:14:05
4x [Darkness Within] added to deck2019-02-22 16:06:52
4x [Vanquished Brother] added to deck2019-02-22 16:03:48
4x [Tenacious Partner] added to deck2019-02-22 16:03:32
4x [Borscht Aficionado] added to deck2019-02-22 16:01:19
Removed "Mind Becomes Flame"2019-02-15 00:07:34
1x [Wily's Master Creation] added to deck2019-02-15 00:07:05
Removed "Esoteric Yoga"2019-02-15 00:06:59
2x [Esoteric Yoga] added to deck2019-02-15 00:06:54
1x [Reclaiming What's Ours] added to deck2019-02-14 23:41:34
Removed "My Blood Flows Through You"2019-02-14 23:41:19
1x [My Blood Flows Through You] removed from deck2019-02-14 23:11:54
2x [My Blood Flows Through You] removed from deck2019-02-14 23:09:53
1x [Esoteric Yoga] removed from deck2019-02-14 23:09:09
1x [Curious Magnetism] removed from deck2019-02-14 23:08:59
4x [My Blood Flows Through You] added to deck2019-02-14 23:00:05
1x [Wily's Master Creation] added to deck2019-02-14 22:59:32
0x [·Reptile·] removed from deck2019-02-08 07:49:32
Removed "Solar Powered"2019-02-08 06:24:18
2x [Bang!] added to deck2019-02-08 06:24:08
0x [Solar Powered] removed from deck2019-02-06 04:44:20
0x [Solar Powered] removed from deck2019-02-05 03:02:58
2x [Worn From Battle] added to deck2019-02-03 05:09:12
Removed "Dust in the Wind"2019-02-03 05:06:16
Removed "Diligent Worker"2019-02-03 05:06:12
1x [Diligent Worker] added to deck2019-02-02 21:38:04
1x [Dust in the Wind] added to deck2019-02-02 21:37:33
Removed "Reptile's Slide"2019-02-02 21:37:26
2x [Reptile's Slide] added to deck2019-02-02 21:37:20
1x [For Mother Russia!] added to deck2019-02-02 19:31:14
2x [Solar Powered] added to deck2019-02-02 03:02:11
1x [Face of a Monster] removed from deck2019-02-02 03:01:59
1x [For Mother Russia!] added to deck2019-01-25 15:02:55
Removed "Admonition"2019-01-25 08:59:02
Removed "Humanity's Sentry"2019-01-25 08:58:59
3x [Admonition] added to deck2019-01-25 08:58:37
4x [Humanity's Sentry] added to deck2019-01-25 08:57:28
2x [Tatsumaki Zankukyaku] added to deck2019-01-25 07:50:45
Removed "Reptile's Slide"2019-01-20 18:36:17
Removed "For Mother Russia!"2019-01-20 18:35:53
2x [Deep Freeze] added to deck2019-01-20 18:35:34
2x [Reptile's Slide] added to deck2019-01-20 18:35:30
1x [Deep Freeze] added to deck2019-01-20 18:22:49
1x [Reptile's Slide] removed from deck2019-01-20 18:22:07
Removed "Deep Freeze"2019-01-20 17:49:36
3x [Reptile's Slide] added to deck2019-01-20 17:48:38
1x [Dust in the Wind] removed from deck2019-01-18 07:23:24
2x [Face of a Monster] added to deck2019-01-18 07:18:51
2x [Harrison's Lucky Day] added to deck2019-01-18 07:18:40
4x [Immortal Knowledge] added to deck2019-01-18 07:18:18
Removed "Innocent Hug"2019-01-18 07:18:00
Removed "Iron Will"2019-01-18 07:17:51
Removed "Invincible Iron Body"2019-01-18 07:17:44
Removed "Granted Body"2019-01-18 07:17:35
Removed "Solar Powered"2019-01-18 07:17:29
1x [Esoteric Yoga] removed from deck2019-01-18 07:17:25
Removed "Retreated to Arctika"2019-01-17 14:37:26
1x [Retreated to Arctika] added to deck2019-01-17 14:37:21
Removed "Ageless and Wise"2019-01-17 14:35:54
2x [Ageless and Wise] added to deck2019-01-17 14:35:51
2x [Ageless and Wise] added to deck2019-01-17 14:35:38
Removed "Retreated to Arctika"2019-01-17 14:35:23
Removed "Reptile's Slide"2019-01-13 06:21:58
2x [Reptile's Slide] added to deck2019-01-13 06:20:26
2x [Innocent Hug] added to deck2019-01-13 06:19:07
1x [Retreated to Arctika] added to deck2019-01-12 22:52:38
1x [Search for Saurians] added to deck2019-01-12 22:26:48
Removed "True Path of Ansatsuken"2019-01-12 22:26:02
1x [Data Dog] removed from deck2019-01-12 20:52:48
Removed "Cowgirl Edward"2019-01-12 20:52:38
1x [Retreated to Arctika] removed from deck2019-01-12 20:51:55
4x [Iron Will] added to deck2019-01-12 20:51:22
Removed "Cloaked Predator"2019-01-12 20:51:08
1x [Cloaked Predator] added to deck2019-01-12 20:34:07
3x [Cloaked Predator] added to deck2019-01-12 20:34:02
1x [Granted Body] removed from deck2019-01-12 20:31:25
2x [Face of a Monster] added to deck2019-01-12 20:31:15
Removed "Invincible Iron Body"2019-01-12 20:21:23
2x [Curious Magnetism] added to deck2019-01-12 20:03:51
1x [Living Pendulum] removed from deck2019-01-12 20:03:35
1x [Damnation] removed from deck2019-01-12 20:03:31
1x [Invincible Iron Body] removed from deck2019-01-12 19:58:35
1x [Cowgirl Edward] removed from deck2019-01-12 19:58:30
1x [Not Over Until You DIE] removed from deck2019-01-12 19:57:56
Removed ""Soul Beats""2019-01-12 04:34:12
Removed "Immortal Knowledge"2019-01-12 03:47:29
Removed "Strength in Numbers"2019-01-12 03:47:00
4x [Invincible Iron Body] added to deck2019-01-12 03:29:01
4x [Strength in Numbers] added to deck2019-01-12 03:28:08
Removed "Face of a Monster"2019-01-12 03:20:57
Removed "Save the Sea Rats"2019-01-12 03:20:53
Removed "Walking Weapon"2019-01-12 03:20:44
1x [Not Over Until You DIE] added to deck2019-01-12 03:18:55
Removed "Darkness Within"2019-01-12 03:18:52
1x [Cowgirl Edward] removed from deck2019-01-12 03:16:41
1x [Not Over Until You DIE] removed from deck2019-01-12 03:16:28
Removed "Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei"2019-01-12 03:16:10
Removed "Shun Goku Satsu"2019-01-12 03:15:59
Removed "Uniting Rebels"2019-01-12 03:15:43
Removed "Superior Genetics"2019-01-12 03:15:11
Removed ""Black Justice""2019-01-12 03:15:02
2x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2019-01-12 03:06:40
4x [Darkness Within] added to deck2019-01-12 03:00:59
2x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2019-01-12 02:54:09
4x [Walking Weapon] added to deck2019-01-12 02:52:34
4x ["Black Justice"] added to deck2019-01-12 02:50:53
1x [Data Dog] added to deck2019-01-12 02:47:31
4x [Cowgirl Edward] added to deck2019-01-12 02:45:50
2x [Search for Saurians] added to deck2019-01-12 02:44:31
2x [Superior Genetics] added to deck2019-01-12 02:43:49
4x [Not Over Until You DIE] added to deck2019-01-12 02:43:23
Removed "Shun Goku Satsu"2019-01-12 02:42:19
Removed "Taosenai"2019-01-12 02:41:55
Removed "Peaceful Beginnings"2019-01-12 02:41:26
Removed "Superior Genetics"2019-01-12 02:41:18
Removed "Dragon Goddess"2019-01-12 02:40:07
2x [True Path of Ansatsuken] removed from deck2019-01-12 02:38:36
1x [Face of a Monster] removed from deck2019-01-12 02:38:27
2x [Taosenai] removed from deck2019-01-12 02:38:22
4x ["Soul Beats"] added to deck2019-01-12 01:56:22
0x [Taosenai] removed from deck2019-01-12 01:54:31
4x [Taosenai] added to deck2019-01-12 01:54:30
4x [Dragon Goddess] added to deck2019-01-12 01:51:05
4x [True Path of Ansatsuken] added to deck2019-01-12 01:34:27
4x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2019-01-12 01:33:39
4x [Save the Sea Rats] added to deck2019-01-12 01:20:22
4x [Peaceful Beginnings] added to deck2019-01-12 01:17:13
2x [Superior Genetics] added to deck2019-01-12 01:01:39
3x [Face of a Monster] added to deck2019-01-12 01:00:29
Removed "Tatsumaki Zankukyaku"2019-01-11 07:13:53
3x [Leap Into the Fray] added to deck2019-01-11 07:13:39
0x [Tatsumaki Zankukyaku] removed from deck2019-01-11 07:11:12
Removed "Not Over Until You DIE"2019-01-11 06:37:40
Removed "True Path of Ansatsuken"2019-01-11 06:35:08
Removed "Stink Gas"2019-01-11 06:34:12
1x [Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei] removed from deck2019-01-11 06:33:37
1x [Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei] removed from deck2019-01-11 06:33:27
Removed "Search for Saurians"2019-01-11 06:33:03
Removed "Borscht Aficionado"2019-01-11 06:32:54
Removed "Telepathic Warrior"2019-01-11 06:32:30
Removed "Inner Neutrality"2019-01-11 06:32:26
2x [Living Pendulum] added to deck2019-01-11 06:26:46
2x [Damnation] added to deck2019-01-11 06:26:38
4x [Immortal Knowledge] added to deck2019-01-11 06:24:58
4x [Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei] added to deck2019-01-11 06:23:48
Removed "Invincible Iron Body"2019-01-11 06:21:53
2x [Invincible Iron Body] added to deck2019-01-11 06:21:49
Removed "Harrison's Lucky Day"2019-01-11 06:20:49
1x [Faye-Faye!] added to deck2019-01-11 06:20:20
4x [Dust in the Wind] added to deck2019-01-11 03:15:15
Removed "Dust in the Wind"2019-01-11 03:14:50
Removed "Save the Sea Rats"2019-01-09 08:02:13
1x [Revoke] added to deck2019-01-09 04:36:27
Removed "Unite!"2019-01-09 04:35:16
Removed "Iron Will"2019-01-09 04:34:44
Removed "Ganymede Terrorists"2019-01-09 04:26:21
Removed "Virus Unchained"2019-01-09 04:26:17
Removed "Stretch Kick"2019-01-09 04:26:12
2x [Stink Gas] removed from deck2019-01-09 04:21:56
Removed "Spinning Piledriver"2019-01-09 04:21:51
2x [Spinning Piledriver] removed from deck2019-01-09 04:21:19
2x [Tatsumaki Zankukyaku] removed from deck2019-01-09 04:21:14
4x [Stretch Kick] added to deck2019-01-09 04:18:31
4x [Spinning Piledriver] added to deck2019-01-09 04:18:03
0x [Tatsumaki Zankukyaku] removed from deck2019-01-09 04:15:27
4x [Tatsumaki Zankukyaku] added to deck2019-01-09 04:14:12
4x [Stink Gas] added to deck2019-01-09 04:13:10
Removed "Space Warrior Squad"2019-01-09 04:11:42
3x [Deep Freeze] added to deck2019-01-09 04:07:43
2x [Save the Sea Rats] added to deck2019-01-08 07:06:16
2x [Not Over Until You DIE] removed from deck2019-01-08 07:00:54
2x [Search for Saurians] added to deck2019-01-08 07:00:07
4x [Not Over Until You DIE] added to deck2019-01-08 06:57:41
Removed "Shun Goku Satsu"2019-01-08 06:55:39
Removed "Immortal Knowledge"2019-01-08 06:54:28
Removed "The Year 200X"2019-01-08 06:23:19
1x [Space Warrior Squad] removed from deck2019-01-08 06:14:07
Removed "Spear Ryu"2019-01-08 06:13:09
Removed "Leap Into the Fray"2019-01-08 06:13:03
2x [Virus Unchained] added to deck2019-01-08 06:10:25
4x [Space Warrior Squad] added to deck2019-01-08 06:06:03
2x [Spear Ryu] added to deck2019-01-08 06:05:24
Removed "Shirai Ryu Kan"2019-01-08 01:11:24
Removed "Barrier of Frost"2019-01-07 23:42:35
2x [Shirai Ryu Kan] added to deck2019-01-07 23:39:39
Removed "Spear Ryu"2019-01-07 23:39:35
2x [Barrier of Frost] added to deck2019-01-07 23:37:41
2x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2019-01-07 16:51:14
2x [The Year 200X] removed from deck2019-01-07 16:46:58
1x [Immortal Knowledge] added to deck2019-01-07 16:46:36
Removed "Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX"2019-01-07 16:46:33
Removed "Walking Weapon"2019-01-07 16:45:16
1x [Immortal Knowledge] removed from deck2019-01-07 16:44:53
Removed "Cloaked Predator"2019-01-07 16:44:40
Removed "Search for Saurians"2019-01-07 16:43:11
4x [Walking Weapon] added to deck2019-01-07 16:23:37
4x [The Year 200X] added to deck2019-01-07 16:20:27
4x [Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX] added to deck2019-01-07 16:04:30
4x [Search for Saurians] added to deck2019-01-07 16:03:27
1x [Acid Spit] added to deck2019-01-06 09:46:58
1x [Harrison's Lucky Day] removed from deck2019-01-06 06:39:30
1x [Data Dog] removed from deck2019-01-06 06:38:55
Removed "Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX"2019-01-06 06:37:47
0x [Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX] removed from deck2019-01-06 06:37:34
4x [Immortal Knowledge] added to deck2019-01-06 06:35:21
2x [Spear Ryu] removed from deck2019-01-04 18:51:44
4x [Spear Ryu] added to deck2019-01-04 18:50:11
1x [Elimination Mode] added to deck2019-01-04 18:46:12
1x [Solar Powered] added to deck2019-01-04 17:27:50
0x [Solar Powered] removed from deck2019-01-04 17:27:04
Removed "Muscle Spirit"2019-01-04 17:25:34
Removed "Shun Goku Satsu"2019-01-04 17:24:35
Removed "Double Crosser"2019-01-04 17:24:31
2x [Retreated to Arctika] removed from deck2019-01-04 17:23:52
2x [Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX] removed from deck2019-01-04 17:23:45
Removed "Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei"2019-01-04 17:23:30
Removed "Fulfilled in Battle"2019-01-04 17:21:11
4x [Fulfilled in Battle] added to deck2019-01-04 08:23:11
1x [Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX] added to deck2019-01-04 08:22:48
3x [Copyright Dr.Light: 20XX] added to deck2019-01-04 08:22:44
4x [Retreated to Arctika] added to deck2019-01-04 08:15:29
4x [Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei] added to deck2019-01-04 08:14:54
Removed "The Power to Connect Realms"2019-01-04 08:11:13
4x [The Power to Connect Realms] added to deck2019-01-04 08:10:33
4x [Uniting Rebels] added to deck2019-01-04 08:09:44
4x [Granted Body] added to deck2019-01-04 08:07:48
Removed "Syndicate Target"2019-01-04 08:07:25
1x [Syndicate Target] added to deck2019-01-04 08:07:22
1x [Forceball] added to deck2019-01-04 08:02:56
Removed "Ermac's Teleport Punch"2019-01-04 08:02:23
2x [Sadistic Ways] removed from deck2019-01-04 08:02:02
Removed "Ultimate Atomic Buster"2019-01-04 08:01:30
Removed "Hell Dunk"2019-01-04 08:01:27
Removed "Reptile's Slide"2019-01-04 07:59:44
Removed "Tomahawk Slam"2019-01-04 07:59:41
Removed "Digital Manipulation"2019-01-04 07:58:47
Removed "Shadow Blade Shuriken"2019-01-04 07:58:11
Removed "Spinning Piledriver"2019-01-04 07:58:05
2x [Digital Manipulation] added to deck2019-01-04 07:54:26
2x [Sadistic Ways] added to deck2019-01-04 07:54:23
2x [Ermac's Teleport Punch] added to deck2019-01-04 07:54:20
Removed "Dimension Door Ambush"2019-01-04 07:50:20
4x [Ultimate Atomic Buster] added to deck2019-01-04 07:47:16
4x [Spinning Piledriver] added to deck2019-01-04 07:46:47
4x [Shadow Blade Shuriken] added to deck2019-01-04 07:44:48
4x [Hell Dunk] added to deck2019-01-04 07:44:00
4x [Ganymede Terrorists] added to deck2019-01-04 07:42:40
2x [Digital Manipulation] added to deck2019-01-04 07:41:46
Removed "Whip Assault"2019-01-04 07:41:08
2x [Sadistic Ways] added to deck2019-01-04 07:39:02
2x [Ermac's Teleport Punch] added to deck2019-01-04 07:38:55
Removed "Frightening Appearance"2018-12-30 08:46:46
2x [Frightening Appearance] removed from deck2018-12-30 08:44:12
Removed "Lesser Half"2018-12-30 08:43:26
4x [Frightening Appearance] added to deck2018-12-30 08:41:52
3x [Muscle Spirit] added to deck2018-12-30 08:40:51
Removed "Killing Dinosaurs"2018-12-29 06:05:17
Removed "Superior Genetics"2018-12-29 06:04:10
1x [Double Crosser] added to deck2018-12-29 06:01:49
3x [Double Crosser] added to deck2018-12-29 06:01:46
Removed "Driven by Hatred"2018-12-29 06:01:26
Removed "Double Crosser"2018-12-29 06:00:22
4x [Double Crosser] added to deck2018-12-29 05:59:36
4x [Driven by Hatred] added to deck2018-12-29 05:57:39
Removed "Bang!"2018-12-28 23:22:07
2x [Bang!] added to deck2018-12-28 23:22:04
Removed "Diligent Worker"2018-12-28 23:22:01
2x [Bang!] added to deck2018-12-28 23:19:08
Removed "Transform"2018-12-28 22:13:33
0x [Transform] removed from deck2018-12-28 22:12:28
1x [Lesser Half] added to deck2018-12-28 22:07:06
1x [Cloaked Predator] removed from deck2018-12-28 22:06:23
Removed "Teddy Bomber"2018-12-28 22:05:04
2x [Transform] added to deck2018-12-28 22:04:53
Removed "Air Tikki"2018-12-28 22:02:14
2x [Unite!] added to deck2018-12-28 22:00:24
1x [Klaw Swipe] added to deck2018-12-28 21:42:48
Removed "Support Fire"2018-12-28 21:42:23
2x [Tomahawk Slam] added to deck2018-12-28 21:41:24
Removed "Diplomatic"2018-12-28 21:30:12
2x [True Path of Ansatsuken] added to deck2018-12-28 20:59:27
2x [Diplomatic] added to deck2018-12-28 20:54:22
Removed "Diplomatic"2018-12-28 20:54:18
2x [Diplomatic] added to deck2018-12-28 20:53:58
2x [Reptile's Slide] added to deck2018-12-28 20:37:02
Removed "Silver Tomahawk"2018-12-28 20:36:29
0x [Silver Tomahawk] removed from deck2018-12-28 20:36:19
0x [Silver Tomahawk] removed from deck2018-12-28 20:35:47
Removed "True Path of Ansatsuken"2018-12-27 19:28:43
1x [Esoteric Yoga] added to deck2018-12-27 19:28:39
1x [Esoteric Yoga] added to deck2018-12-27 19:26:18
2x [Esoteric Yoga] removed from deck2018-12-27 19:25:17
2x [True Path of Ansatsuken] added to deck2018-12-27 19:24:02
2x [Mind Becomes Flame] added to deck2018-12-27 19:11:29
1x [Lesser Half] removed from deck2018-12-25 05:05:37
Removed "The Year 200X"2018-12-25 03:28:03
2x [Harrison's Lucky Day] added to deck2018-12-25 03:07:08
Removed "Diligent Worker"2018-12-25 03:04:58
2x [Diligent Worker] added to deck2018-12-25 03:04:54
Removed "Impulsive"2018-12-25 03:03:51
0x [For Mother Russia!] removed from deck2018-12-25 02:57:44
2x [For Mother Russia!] added to deck2018-12-25 02:57:44
Removed "Outworld's Heiress"2018-12-25 02:56:53
2x [Diligent Worker] added to deck2018-12-25 02:55:07
2x [The Year 200X] added to deck2018-12-25 02:50:38
2x [Impulsive] added to deck2018-12-25 02:50:30
3x [Lesser Half] added to deck2018-12-25 02:50:26
1x [Iron Will] removed from deck2018-12-23 17:23:30
Removed "Curious Magnetism"2018-12-23 17:22:20
1x [Solar Powered] removed from deck2018-12-23 17:20:29
Removed "Everywhere"2018-12-23 17:19:27
1x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2018-12-23 16:42:43
1x [Shun Goku Satsu] removed from deck2018-12-23 16:42:39
Removed "Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei"2018-12-23 16:41:35
Removed "Venomous"2018-12-23 16:39:54
1x [Revoke] removed from deck2018-12-23 16:37:02
Removed "Tenacious Partner"2018-12-23 16:36:35
1x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2018-12-23 16:35:27
2x [Shun Goku Satsu] added to deck2018-12-23 16:34:55
2x [Telepathic Warrior] added to deck2018-12-23 16:32:21
3x [Destruction of the Cyber Lin Kuei] added to deck2018-12-23 16:30:47
2x [Outworld's Heiress] added to deck2018-12-23 16:29:46
0x [Dimension Door Ambush] removed from deck2018-12-23 16:27:02
1x [Solar Powered] added to deck2018-12-23 06:08:27
1x [Cloaked Predator] removed from deck2018-12-23 06:06:46
2x [Air Tikki] added to deck2018-12-23 05:42:59
1x [Acid Spit] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:38:59
1x [Klaw Swipe] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:38:56
0x [Everywhere] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:38:33
2x [Whip Assault] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:36:44
1x [Dimension Door Ambush] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:36:27
2x [Silver Tomahawk] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:36:20
1x [Support Fire] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:36:11
Removed "Jàrngreipr's Thundering Torture"2018-12-23 05:36:01
0x [Acid Spit] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:35:00
0x [Klaw Swipe] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:34:53
3x [Forceball] added to deck2018-12-23 05:34:41
4x [Whip Assault] added to deck2018-12-23 05:32:44
4x [Acid Spit] added to deck2018-12-23 05:31:39
4x [Klaw Swipe] added to deck2018-12-23 05:31:23
1x [Data Dog] added to deck2018-12-23 05:28:22
Removed "Telekinetic Mastery"2018-12-23 05:27:56
1x [Dust in the Wind] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:27:27
1x [Inner Neutrality] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:27:18
1x [Borscht Aficionado] removed from deck2018-12-23 05:27:07
Removed "Rocket Press"2018-12-23 05:22:10
1x [Dimension Door Ambush] added to deck2018-12-23 05:17:21
4x [Silver Tomahawk] added to deck2018-12-23 05:16:42
4x [Jàrngreipr's Thundering Torture] added to deck2018-12-23 05:15:50
4x [Support Fire] added to deck2018-12-23 05:15:45
3x [Elimination Mode] added to deck2018-12-22 17:22:52
2x [Solar Powered] added to deck2018-12-22 17:21:18
3x [Iron Will] added to deck2018-12-22 17:18:41
3x [Revoke] added to deck2018-12-22 17:18:27
2x [Tenacious Partner] added to deck2018-12-22 17:18:08
2x [Invincible Iron Body] added to deck2018-12-22 17:16:33
4x [Borscht Aficionado] added to deck2018-12-22 17:16:05
4x [Inner Neutrality] added to deck2018-12-22 17:15:25
3x [Esoteric Yoga] added to deck2018-12-22 17:14:48
2x [Killing Dinosaurs] added to deck2018-12-22 17:12:29
3x [Dust in the Wind] added to deck2018-12-22 17:11:53
1x [Teddy Bomber] added to deck2018-12-22 17:09:44
3x [Faye-Faye!] added to deck2018-12-22 17:08:33
2x [Data Dog] added to deck2018-12-22 17:08:25
2x [Curious Magnetism] added to deck2018-12-22 17:08:11
2x [Venomous] added to deck2018-12-22 17:06:18
4x [Cloaked Predator] added to deck2018-12-22 17:05:11
2x [Superior Genetics] added to deck2018-12-22 17:04:58
2x [Telekinetic Mastery] added to deck2018-12-22 17:03:31
Removed "Serving the Outworld"2018-12-22 17:03:23
2x [Serving the Outworld] added to deck2018-12-22 17:03:15
3x [Rocket Press] added to deck2018-12-22 17:00:21
2x [Dimension Door Ambush] added to deck2018-12-22 17:00:08
3x [Leap Into the Fray] added to deck2018-12-22 16:59:20
2x [Everywhere] added to deck2018-12-22 16:58:38
0x [·Reptile·] removed from deck2018-12-22 16:54:08
1x [·Reptile·] added to deck2018-12-22 16:53:55
Deck Stability (the higher, the better) : 1.69

Overall Stats

Number of cards Cards with block Average block modifier Average difficulty Average control
Total 66 60 2.48 2.45 4.15
Attack 24 24 1.83 3.96 2.92
Foundation 37 34 2.97 1.65 4.89
Asset 0 0 - - -
Action 5 2 2 1.2 4.6
Character 0 0 - - -


Total Average Block Modifier 0 1 2 3 4 5
High 20 2.8 0 0 10 7 0 3
Mid 20 2.15 0 6 5 9 0 0
Low 20 2.5 0 0 10 10 0 0

Risks of commiting X foundations

Difficulty / Commited fundation 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
2 100% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
3 96.97% 3.03% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%
4 63.64% 33.33% 3.03% 0% 0% 0% 0%
5 54.55% 9.09% 33.33% 3.03% 0% 0% 0%
6 0% 54.55% 9.09% 33.33% 3.03% 0% 0%
7 0% 0% 54.55% 9.09% 33.33% 3.03% 0%
8 0% 0% 0% 54.55% 9.09% 33.33% 3.03%
9 0% 0% 0% 0% 54.55% 9.09% 33.33%